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    Where Can I Find Backup Mypc?

    I've checked there and they do NOT outline what the difference in the products are! Did they just drop the Backup MyPC product without a viable replacement or not. Just pointing to the page description of BOT does not answer the question. What is do I lose in my use of BUMP, if I go with BOT. That is the question! Thanks Gumboman
  2. Gumboman

    Where Can I Find Backup Mypc?

    So, is BOT a replacement for BUMP and perform the same file backup function? Gumboman
  3. Gumboman

    Backup Mypc V6 & Backontrack3

    I currently have Backup MyPc v6. I've been looking at Backontrack3 and was wondering how it compares to Backup McPc. I mainly use the back up for backing up all folders and files on all my partitions and having the ability to restore files and folders as needed. I have not really gotten into system restore/imaging yet. Thanks Gumboman
  4. Gumboman

    Backup MY PC Ver 6 and filters

    May I ask, where do you get BackUp MyPC v7? I haven't seen it on Roxio's website? Is it compatible with Windows Vista?