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    Easy Audio Capture

    Thanks - Only I'm not using "line in", just capturing the sound on the card (internet music, music already on my computer, etc., just as the program suggests) I've about given up...nice utility. Wish it worked.
  2. G-Dub

    Easy Audio Capture

    Thanks, Karri. I don't have Realtek HD so there is no "sound effects program". I did try the Line/Mic In but still nothing. I appreciate your help!
  3. G-Dub

    Easy Audio Capture

    Well, I rolled back IE; that didn't work. I ran the repair utility on EMC9, that didn't work. I suppose I could uninstall / reinstall EMC9 just to see; I originally reinstalled EMC9 without uninstalling it first, and that, of course, didn't work, either... This seems (so far) to be unique just to the capture utility, as I can record to CD just fine. Haven't tried a DVD yet...
  4. G-Dub

    Easy Audio Capture

    Ok, thanks. I will give it a try. IE7 has bothered some of my other machines enough to warrant removing it. Interesting how much Microsoft pushed IE7 to be loaded on current machines prior to the release of Vista...
  5. G-Dub

    Easy Audio Capture

    I've been scourging the topics looking for my exact problem but so far haven't found the solution. Forgive me if it's already been addressed. I upgraded to EMC9 after downloading IE 7 and discovering that Creator 6 wouldn't recognize either my CD or DVD burner. I tried to record from my audio card and it worked great - the first time. After that, it appeared to record and took up a bunch of space, but had no sound. I upgraded my audio driver and the recording level indicator now shows that it's working but I still get no sound. Tried both MP3 and WAV formats but still no luck. The puzzling thing is, when I first installed it it worked. I have since re-installed the program but no luck. Thanks for any help! My system: HP Pavillion w/XP Home version 2002 w/ SP2 Pentium 4 2.4GHz 1GB RAM Integrated sound - Realtek AC97 Audio w/Microsoft Digital Sound System 80 for playback
  6. Hey Lynn, I have Easy CD&DVD Creator 6 basic & it won't recognize either my CDRW or my DVDRW Litescribe drives as existing, yet I can test the drives within the programs, just can't set a default. Every other program I have sees the drives. I have this program at work and for CDs it's seamless. What's up? G-Dub