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    Cannot export DVD to iPod video

    I received a response to my ticket. Basically, they closed it with no solution... Roxio has obviously given this the lowest priority (maybe ignoring it?)... This is maddening. I can't even return this defective software... I would have been fine with version 7 only. To me, this is borderline criminal to sell software that is broken, acknowledge that it is broken and then tell me that I cannot return it since it is over 30 days. That is just not right. Roxio, get your act together! Here is their resonse: Ticket #: 349825 Last Updated: 3/29/2007 9:06:12 AM Update Problem: Technical Support...Toast 8 Titanium...Program Crash/Hang aloong 03/29/07 9:06 AM Thank you for Contacting Roxio Technical Support You will get the error if you are exporting a MPEG-2 file with PCM audio. This issue has already been documented and passed on to our engineering team. Regards, Roxio Technical Support http://support.roxio.com Roxanne & Knowledgebase - http://support.roxio.com Discussion Groups - http://forums.support.roxio.com/ Webticket - http://selfserve.roxio.com/ We are always looking for ways to improve so please click on the link below to complete our online support survey. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=806342804448 Thank you for your comments and we appreciate the feedback ...Ticket Closed
  2. Inspector_Gadget

    Cannot export DVD to iPod video

    So you've been successful making an iPod video (or other export) if the video (with PCM audio) has been ripped first, then use the VIDEO_TS option? Hum... I tried that without luck. Maybe I will try again. These particular videos that I am trying to make into iPod video, only have PCM audio unfortunately. They are music videos that came on a DVD that was included with my audio CD as a two disc set. I do have version 7 I could reinstall, but between version 7 and version 8, I think I spent $99 for version 7 and $56 for version 8. Basically $150 and I cannot perform a basic function. Bummer!! Ah well, in time I think (HOPE) it will work. Oh yes. Still no response from Roxio on my ticket!
  3. Inspector_Gadget


    At least they got back to you...! :-) Version 8 has such potential, it is a shame that it is gaining a bad rap. I know they will eventually fix this but one would think it would be a higher priority than it obviously is now... Common Roxio, how hard can it be?
  4. Inspector_Gadget

    Cannot export DVD to iPod video

    As of now, you are correct IF the audio is PCM. I submitted a ticket with Roxio but have yet to hear back. Forgive me, but I am very skeptical right now whether or not they will actually respond to me. I'm sure it will be fixed but it is typical of a company to not even respond when they don't have anything to offer... It would be nice if they just told me, "we are working on it", just to let me (and others) know they are aware and working on it, but alas, nothing yet. Does anyone know if Toast can be used to convert the PCM audio of these particular music video files to Dolby Digital?
  5. Inspector_Gadget


    I went from 7 (Happy) to 8 (Sad). Don't go to version 8 yet. 8.01 is no better. I'm sure version 8 will come around but it is not read for prime time yet...
  6. Inspector_Gadget

    Is it worth upgrading to 8 ?

    Actually, version 7 works better. Version 8 export does not work at all if you have a file with PCM audio. This is the problem I am having now... Don't upgrade yet! I just went online to do a customer support chat, was 3rd in queue with a 4 minute wait... then waited 15 minutes before they "hung up on me". They said they cannot chat with me now and to try back later and that was it! Roxio is just batting 1000 today. My upgrade is 6 weeks old so I fall outside the 30 day return policy or I would surely return it today!
  7. Inspector_Gadget

    Cannot export DVD to iPod video

    Hum. Unknown. Where can I tell this? I would bet it is PCM since it came off of a 2 disc set. One CD, the other DVD. I'm in queue to do a support chat right now...... Ah yes, PCM Stereo Audio 48000 Hz I've been reading other posts. Looks like Roxio flubbed with version 8... PCM audio is the culprit, huh? I'm still in line to chat too.. Oh my freakin gosh... I just waited 15 minutes on chat and got a message that said, "we have no agents available to chat, try back later". Figures. Roxio has got lots to learn about customer retention...
  8. Inspector_Gadget

    Unable to transfer to iPod (error 39)

    I get a similar error when I try to export a video to iPod. I'm thinking there is a bug in 8.01... Really makes me think there is a bug because no-one is answering our support questions!
  9. Inspector_Gadget

    Cannot export DVD to iPod video

    Using Mac the Ripper, I ripped the contents of my Nickel Creek Reaon's Why DVD to harddisk & then tried to export it to iPod video file using Toast 8.01. It will not go. Error is "code 9011". I tried straight from DVD too with no luck. Did the update to 8.01 break this or is there something else I am missing? Thanks! 17" MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo
  10. Inspector_Gadget

    How do I get album artwork into Music DVD?

    OK, thanks for the info! I have run across a widget called "Amazon Art" that I will try. Thanks for the tip on how to get the artwork too!
  11. Inspector_Gadget

    How do I get album artwork into Music DVD?

    I made a Music DVD using iTunes 7 and Toast 7 and I have some issues with it: 1) I cannot use any music purchased from iTunes store. I can only use music I ripped. 2) In iTunes, there is album artwork but it does not show up when I make the Music DVD in Toast. 3) I am unable to "drag album artwork here" from iTunes to Toast. Where can I drag the album artwork from if not from iTunes? Will any of this improve with Toast 8? (I am using OSX 10.4.8, MBPro 17" Core 2 Duo, Toast Titanium 7) The FAQ's here say, "Holding down option while dragging in the artwork will apply the image to all the songs. If you only add album artwork to one song in the Playlist, this artwork will be displayed for all songs in the Playlist". However, this does not seem to be the case.... At least when using the artwork in iTunes. Thank you!