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    Roxio/Sonic: WORST Customer Service!

    Thanks, Ogdens, appreciate the response. I downloaded a driver from Dell that they thought would help; I get the same result. The responsibility may be with Dell; that still doesn't forgive gobbledygook error messages that tell you nothing about what the problem is (and/or not having easy access to an explanation from Sonic's website). Roxio's program writers need to start living in the real world with the rest of us.
  2. Roxio (and Sonic) has, without a doubt, the WORST customer service I have ever experienced! I have waited for over a WEEK to get an answer about a non-nonsensical error message when I try to burn a DVD project using MyDVD pre-installed on a new Dell computer. Rather than use PLAIN ENGLISH to describe the error message, I get "Device Error - Sense Code (4 08 00) Logical Unit Communication Failure - General 2130970624". Now what the HELL does that mean?! An hour on your various websites yielded NO answer; Roxette, the automated help chat program, couldn't give me an answer, and I have received NO response to my question in over a week. In frustration, I went to Dell's on-line chat, and they tried to help me as much as they could, even giving me a follow up phone call! Roxio? No response. This is unacceptable, and I will be choosing a DVD burning program OTHER than Sonic or Roxio in the future. Get your act together, guys!
  3. magnum0766

    My DVD - Sense Code Question !?!

    Does ANYONE out there know what the following error message means: "Device Error - Sense Code (4 08 00) Logical Unit Communication Failure - General 2130970624". Product is the My DVD installed on a brand-new Dell Dimension E521 desktop w/ Windows XP Media edition. Emailed support days ago, and got no response, and can't find any help on their website about this. Anyone...? Bueller...? Bueller...???