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    Printing Cd Labels / Inserts

    Thanks for the Hot fix - I can print on all the labels. The CD labels allow selection of the top label, or the bottom label, or printing on both of them. Is it too much to ask for the same capability on the CD Case Inserts? I seem to be able to only select one or the other - not both. (this capability is just like 7.0 /7.5) Thanks - just looking for increased productivity! thanks lha
  2. lhannes

    Printing Multiple Labels

    I have been using creator 7.5 to produce cds for sometime for the same purpose - Version 7.5 - its not perfect (there are lots of annoying bugs) but at least you can produce the CDs, and the labels in a reasonably efficient manner - that is you can use all the labels. In Version 8 unfortunately, regrettably I am no longer using until Roxio fixes the printing label issues - far too much aggravation at this point.
  3. lhannes

    Printing Cd Labels / Inserts

    Any word on when a 'hotfix' will be available for the multiple labels selection?
  4. lhannes

    Printing Cd Labels / Inserts

    Using EMC 8, I don't seem to be able to print BOTH CD Labels and Inserts that are available on the NEATO materials. Version 7.5 had a similar problem with the Inserts, it just needed to be selected one at a time - But still had to run the inserts through the printer twice. In version 7.5 the CD labels works ok; you could select the top, or the bottom, or both! EMC 8 doesn't seem to have any access to the second NEATO / lower label / insert. Is there a practical work around? I also noticed when opening a version EMC 7.5 CD label in EMC 8.0 that the graphics are all messed up (the image is vertically squished) and it prints (with the only label you can print) all messed up as well. When will there be a fix to the CD Label / Insert printing problem? Just hoping for a more productive CD label printing solution! lhannes