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    Purchased Cd Popcorn 3

    YEP!!! I feel your pain and frustration!!! I have been having the same issue with this poorly made software. They don't even support it anymore (or so it seems)! I have moved on to better software!!! I use VisualHub. It costs less than half of popcorn and does more. The developer will respond (personally ) to all e-mails...... If you have an elgato .264 you might want to look into Roadmovie..... Good luck on getting your money back (EBay) The sooner you walk away from this crap the better you will feel!!!!
  2. austinnate

    Video Conversion

    I thought this software would work out but it hasn't !!! Roxio has forgotten ALL ABOUT IT!!! Try visualhub! It works like a champ for my Apple TV and the developer is VERY active! After this bugware I will NEVER waste time/money on Roxio products FYI....
  3. austinnate

    Popcorn Wont Load After Install

    yes sir 3.0.2
  4. austinnate

    Popcorn Wont Load After Install

    I am on 10.5.2 PPC I have popcorn 3 running perfect before I HAD to do an OS reinstall. Now (after downloading & installing) the program won't launch. Below is a link to exactly what happens.... http://screencast.com/t/tbMS4J5PiR I have read the other posts about this issue and nothing seems to work! PLEASE HELP!!! As the Tech dept doesn't seem to be willing to help out a loyal Roxio user
  5. austinnate

    Encoding Dvd Video But Preserving Ac3 For Atv

    I don't think MKV files will play on the Apple TV..... Might anyone else have any other suggestions....
  6. austinnate

    What Purpose Does Popcorn Serve?

    We are not to talk about these things in this forum ..... But go check out Handbrake.... This will do everything you want it to...... Check your private messages
  7. austinnate

    Popcorn 3 - What exactly does it do?

    SO popcorn does a few things really well. If you want to get your unprotected DVDs into a format that can be played on your ipod/iphone/PSP/ etc. this this is a great program If you want to get your protected DVDs into a format that can be played on your ipod/iphone/PSP/ etc you might want to look at Handbrake and or mac the ripper. Popcorn has a very easy to use interface. One can almost learn everything on how to use it without reading the user manual.... If you do your research you will be quite please as to what you can do!!!
  8. austinnate

    Copying a DVD movie (legal) --> itunes --> Apple TV

    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303530 That link will explain a lot.... You have to remember that depending on the format of the DVD (1.85:1 or 2.35:1 or etc...) you will always get bars. http://handbrake.m0k.org/forum/viewtopic.p...ight=austinnate That discussion will help you as well.....
  9. austinnate

    Popcorn still screwed up

    I AGREE!! Popcorn 3 will be the LAST program I will buy from Roxio! This program has more issues than a one legged dog trying to take a *^$$.......
  10. austinnate

    Media Access Key

    This Popcorn 3 has been BETA material since day one! I wish I would of know about the 30 day money back deal!!!! Best of luck to all!!
  11. austinnate

    Copy DVD

    First you need to get the program "MacTheRipper" Run your DVD through this program... Then take thee resulting file into Popcorn 3 and....bam.....you are good to go..... Anymore details would be against the forums policy!!
  12. austinnate


    I am in the same boat as you....
  13. austinnate


    I have tried this several times.... no luck.... I ended up using Handbrake....it worked no problems (the first time!)
  14. austinnate

    Popcorn 3 and Ripping DVD's

    One word... VISUALHUB!!!
  15. austinnate

    Letterboxing, Pillarboxing and Windowboxing?

    come to find out the file/DVD was 2.35:1... This will ALWAYS produce black bars on a wide screen TV.....