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    Volume Too Low!

    I'm using the latest version of Popcorn 3 with the current version of MacTheRipper to create H.264 files from DVDs that I purchased for playback on my iPod Touch. I use the default settings in Popcorn for "iPod". Unfortunately, the audio volume of the resulting files when played back on my iPod Touch is REALLY LOW. I use good quality noise-cancelling headphones (Sennheiser), but on a flight this week I could literally not hear 50% of the dialogue. Even with the headset pressed against my ears to block out extraneous noise, and with the iPod volume to the max it was impossible to even follow the plot. This was the case with all of the 3-4 movies I tried to watch. Ended up just deleting them! Is there any way in Popcorn to boost the default volume level as movies are being converted to H.264? For comparison, H.264 files created by Elgato EyeTV (recorded from TV on my Mac) are loud and clear. I set my iPod's volume to about 60% of the maximum and it is 100% audible. Normal audio (MP3, etc.) playback just find on the iPod touch so I'm confident that the iPod is functioning normally. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks! Phil
  2. I'm definately having this problem with Toast/TivoToGo on my Intel-based Mac Mini (and Tivo Series 2). Almost 100% of the transfers halt partway through the transfer. If I have a queue of transfers, the whole queue must be re-created. Then, of course, it fails again at some point. I'm skeptical that this is a Tivo-side problem because TivoDecodeManager works reliably for me. But it is slower than Toast/TivoToGo and lacks some features that Toast/TivoToGo has (such auto transfers - which would be nice if it actually worked without xfers choking halfway through). I wish Roxio would get on top of this bug. Seems obvious that a ton of people are having the same problem! Phil
  3. todd95448

    How to boost audio of VOB files

    I'm using Toast 8 to transcode some VOB files to DIVX for playback on my Archos 504 portable video player. The video quality is fine on the Archos, but the audio is much too low to hear consistently -- particularly in portions where the audio is subdued. Even with volume boosted to the maximum on my Archos, I can barely hear the audio track if I'm, say, riding on a bus (my commute) or on a plane. I suspect this is a problem with the Archos, but is there any way for me to compensate for this when creating the DIVX files by having Toast 8 boost the audio? Are there any other solutions that anyone can suggest? BTW, if I use TivoDecodeManager to copy programs from my TIVO Series 2 the audio is plenty loud when it plays back on my Archos. Thanks, Phil
  4. "This is known bug introduced in the November 2006 TiVo software upgrade. It affects a relatively small percentage of users who have a digital cable set-top box. TiVo will update the DVR software with a fix soon. This is not caused by a defect in the TiVo Transfer software, and affects both Mac and PC users equally." I've been monitoring this problem since I added a post about it a couple of weeks ago. I've switched from Toast back to Tivo Decode Manager (TDM) and so have experience with both. Some new data: 1) I've been using TDM to download about 3-4 programs per day. I have not had ANY failures with TDM in the past 3 weeks since I originally gave up on Toast. I'm guessing that means about 50-60 consecutive successes with TDM. 2) Today I switched back to Toast to see if perhaps Toast was working better on the theory (as expressed above in the quote from Patatrox) that the problem was actually on the Tivo side. Unfortunately, Toast failed on the SECOND download. It was a 30-minute program that halted at 624.4 MB out of 813.1 MB. While not a statistically definitive test, common sense suggests that we question the claim that the problem lies with Tivo and not Roxio. If Tivo is the problem, why is TDM working so consistently? I did previously have some problems with TDM, but they seem to have been completely eliminated in the current version (2.1). I can see no reason whatsoever to use Toast at this point. Do any other users out there have experience that contradicts mine?
  5. I suspect you are right about this problem being on the Tivo side rather than Toast. I have the same behavior (transfers die part way through) with Tivo Decode Manager. Still, it is rather shocking that if this bug has been around for months (as you say) Tivo has not addressed it. And when Roxio releases a version of Toast with a significant new feature like Tivo Transfers and operation of the new feature is completely undermined by this KNOWN bug, I'm not sure I agree with you that Roxio should not be criticized. The fact is Roxio released code that for apparently many users does not work as advertised. Don't you think they should have worked with Tivo to resolve this bug before releasing the new version?
  6. todd95448

    Transfer halted halfway through

    Same thing here. Approximately 50% of the transfers hang part way through. Other symptoms include: -- If you click "Stop Transfer" on the current file, the next file in the Auto Transfer queue does not start -- Rebooting and restarting Toast will allow you to restart the transfer, but it will often hang again -- As others have said, there is no error message displayed -- The only indication of a problem is the Status window where the no. of MBs transfered stops progressing -- In my case, the xfers do not hang after just 2 seconds, but usually 30-40% through the transfer Finally -- and the biggest pain in the *ss -- is that closing Toast and restarting is not sufficient to revive the Auto Transfer queue. Even stopping the current transfer when hung and then rebooting will NOT enable the Auto Transfer queue to recover. You have to DELETE all the Auto Transfers and then start over. And, of course, you never get through the queue because inevitably a transfer will hang in fairly short order. Very frustrating! Tivo/Roxio, this is a FATAL BUG and you need to address it immediately!