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    EyeTV to Toast 7 display problems on TV but not on Mac

    Hi David, I posted the original problem. The best I could come up with was to use the Toshiba player's picture setup to select "4:3 Normal". This got rid of the "staggered" effect, but didn't fill the frame on my widescreen TV. I don't think it's an EyeTV or Toast failing, but a consequence of the way the original programme was broadcast. For reference it was an E4 broadcast in the UK. Hope this helps, Nick.
  2. nickb1313

    EyeTV recordings playback problem on Toast DVDs

    I've been experimenting and found that I can export the file from EyeTV for Toast burning and successfully burn it with Toast 6. It doesn't work with Toast 7.
  3. nickb1313

    EyeTV recordings playback problem on Toast DVDs

    Apologies for not replying sooner - I've been away. Tried turning off "buffer underrun prevention", but still no success. This is a strange one because other recordings are fine.
  4. I have successfully burnt EyeTV recordings to DVD discs using Toast, but recently have had a playback problem. Every few seconds the playback skips a moment. Playback is fine on my Mac and I've tried different discs, different recorders and a different player. Any suggestions ? I'm using a Powermac G5 2.0GHZ, OSX 10.4.7, EyeTV 2.2.1 and Toast Titanium 7.1
  5. nickb1313

    Display Fault With Eyetv Recodings Burned To Disc

    Hi hermie54, Toast was set to PAL and there wasn't a warning window. Hi freshburn, The original recording was a PAL broadcast saved by EyeTV as an MPEG-2 720x576, variable Mbps, but around 4.75, 50/25fps and Audio was MPEG-1, 48kHz, 256kbps.
  6. nickb1313

    Display Fault With Eyetv Recodings Burned To Disc

    Hi freshburn, I'm in the UK so the original broadcast was PAL encoded. I used the DVD-Video setting in Toast, with the encoding option on automatic and the video quality slider set to best. As I understand it Toast will automatically detect whether a file is NTSC or PAL and will select the correct encoding. I checked my DVD player (Toshiba SD330) - it detects PAL/NTSC settings automatically, but I manually set it on PAL anyway, but still with no success. Where would I find the frame-rate? The actual quality of the picture and sound was excellent (it was a concert recording), I just can't figure out this split screen - perhaps the Toast programmers have been watching too many 1960s films ! I'm going to try the disc in a friends DVD later today, so I'll report back after that experiment. Thanks again, Nick.
  7. I am using Toast Titanium 7 to burn stored EyeTV prorammes onto disc. These play in my Apple G5's internal Superdrive and on an external Lacie DVD unit. The problem is using them in my domestic Toshiba DVD player. I am using DVD-R discs (these are specified in the Toshiba handbook). The recording will play, but the left hand third of the screen image is showing on the right hand side of the picture. They are separated by a vertical black bar. Colour and sound are perfect. I have tried several DVD-R discs and also DVD+RW and DVD-RW with no success. Am I missing something obvious in the setup, or is there a compatability problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Nick.