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  1. Was buying cd'rs on the weekend at my local computer shop and was looking in the bargin bin as I walked toward the checkout and saw a the Roxio Movie Maker box sitting on the top of the pile of discounted programs, it was marked down to $10.00 cdn


    Where do I find the version number? I will look tonight at my version and see if thats what you are looking for. If it is I can stop by the store again and see if they have additional copies.


    Hey thank you cdn1972... but yes as ogdens rightly said I do not know the version number i need.. only information I do have is this..


    Roxio Videowave movie creator

    so nr= 17280_2

    part nr = 200800UK

    p/n = 150016-00


    Its a full version, the box had a womans face on it, but she didnt have blue lips.. its a couple of versions before that i am after...


    Im pretty sure its 1.5 or 2 :)

  2. Hi, yeah i am looking for the 1st version, or very probably the 1st version.. I never used the cinemagic nor story builder, always used the other option, storyline editor... loved that program, so many options and so straight forward, I knew i could bring whatever footage I had and actualy do what I wanted with it... I am reluctant in purchasing the latest videowave, as the v.7 I have i do not like...


    HELP!!! Im still looking for an early full version!!

  3. Wow thank you for all the replies and your kind offer, asundull :)


    I have spent ages looking on Ebay, I keep looking, but have not found the version I need


    Hey ogdens, I do not have the program, so i cant access the version :huh: and the link to Amazon is for a newer version... this is my problem.. thanks anyway


    asundull, thanks for the offer, really cool of you, however yeah it probably is a special edition cut down version, but thank you anyway... as for me upgrading, i have Roxio Easy Media Creator 7, and I just do not like it, it is soooo slow compared to the old version i had, I use it, but not in depth or much as it is just so slow... was really disappointed when i bought it...


    Thanks ml, but my PC is bang up to date running dual core and I have the geforce 7950 GX2 gfx card etc.. its just that i was put off by the version 7 of the program you correctly mention.. hence I want the version I know works well and works fast... I bought it maybe 8 yrs ago, roughly, and I paid £50 for it...


    Really am at a loss if you guys cannot identify it, or if no one has it for sale :D

  4. Hello, im hoping someone here can help, I need to get hold of a certain version of VW, i cut my teeth on this version and love it, but have damaged the discs and changed PC countless times, and now cannot find it anywhere..


    I have these details:


    Roxio Videowave movie creator

    so nr= 17280_2

    part nr = 200800UK

    p/n = 150016-00


    I think it must be version one, i bought it years ago, it is the full version I had and would love again, can anyone help a desperate girl? lol I hope so... :)