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    Toast 8 Error -43 No More Easy Multiplex Of Vob Files

    Well here's the thing. Demuxed files from Streamclip are being re-encoded even with options set to no encode. VOB files from some DVD's which are lower bitrates are processed by Toast without reencoding, in fact quite a few. And when I ripped an entire DVD to one TS folder there is no way to select chapters within a title so that is anther wasted exercise with the media browser, only titles can be selected. It was a 4 hour title and I got one title, four hours. Which incidentally took 10 minutes to bring into Converted Items with its XML file and I could have just dropped the TS folder in to Toast instead, as that amounts to the same thing. I presume in some sort of response to the recording industry the VOB to DVD option has been cripped though since a TS folder can be used instead there seems to be little point to disabling VOB use. So if I had such designs, I'd rip a DVD, copy the entire TS folder, make a new DVD then mount that and then use it in Toast to select individual chapters. What a lot of effort with no design .
  2. ricktoronto

    Toast 8 Error -43 No More Easy Multiplex Of Vob Files

    Up to V.8 VOB files worked perfectly well without re-encoding. A video_TS folder is full of VOBs, they don't get reencoded, nor should VOB's added to the video list. Demuxed files are being reencoded and shouldn't be. Ripping an entire VIDEO_TS folder to get one title or chapter is a terrible way to get at one part of a DVD but I will see what happens. Only because ripping takes less time than encoding.
  3. Title and Description say it but I have lost the means of ripping VOB files from DVD media and then reauthoring those in Toast with a simple remultiplex of the VOB, in a few seconds and then the disk image being written. VOB files wind up generating an error -43, the file cannot be found. This is after watching each one try to multiplex and the progress gauge starting over and over. If I demux them with Streamclip to M2V and AC3 files (just like those Toast makes in Roxio Coverted Items) Toast now insists on reencoding them regardless of the fact they are already demuxed so I wind up with two sets, my original M2V and AC3 and then Toast's own. These are VOB files ripped off DVD's MADE IN TOAST 8. So they should be compliant MPEG-2. This only started with Toast 8, I am wondering if I should reinstall Toast 7. Or if Toast 9 handles MPEG-2 VOB files without reencoding them.
  4. ricktoronto

    Reduce Title Font Size for DVDs?

    Toast 7 is great with the exception of the huge title font sizes and thus if the title is more than about 12 letters is has ..... after what it does show, which ain't a lot. How to make it smaller? I'd prefer all of it small than some of it big.
  5. Is Toast making DVD-9 (DL) image files that it then cannot burn? I am using a LaCie 16X D2 drive with Firewire and I cannot burn 7.8GB DVD image made from Toast compressing a new DVD video from 8.6GB to 7.8 GB. It will burn DVD non-DL in + and - and will burn data to a Fuji +DL disk just not the .toast image file it made. The messages are the drive reports: Sense Key Illegal Request Sense Code 0x26 Invalid Field in Parameter List. The firmware and such is all up to date on the drive (which added Fuji disk support, formerly only Verbatim).