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  1. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer

    As a note: I copied the missing apps from Toast 11 into the Toast 12 folder and they do not show up in the "Extras" Toast 12 menu. But they still run by themselves. Tom
  2. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer

    Do you think Roxio will be doing a TiVo Transfer update? I have a Roamio but have not installed it. So I don't know if it does work with it. I still have my old Series 3 and Premier running. There may be a delay on TiVo Transfer so it will be compatible with the new Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite as well. Tom
  3. golf25radioman

    Os X Yosemite & Toast 11

    Close to this topic... If one has Toast Titanium (not Pro) and wants to upgrade, can one go to the Pro upgrade from the regular or only regular to regular?
  4. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    My Mac2Tivo just updated to 1.2.1 when I launched it to see what version it was. Thanks. And thanks for the clarification about the file name issue with it and moving files back to the TiVo. I have another way of streaming files to, but would have to extract the mpeg file for them too. My old Series 3 is short of disk storage, even with an expander, since I have a lot of Mecum Auctions recorded. I like to have them run in the room when I'm working so I record new and old ones. As for the TiVo Desktop, I don't think it's not compatible with OS X 10.9 just that TiVo wasn't supporting it anymore and you can't locate it on their site. I have a copy (I think) on an external storage drive. So I can reinstall it since it wasn't the issue with TiVo Transfer crashing. Thanks for all your help. Tom
  5. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    Well, TiVo Transfer now works great on both the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. All I did was create a directory in my Home Folder/Documents titled "TiVo Recordings" and deleted the alias I had put there. Hard to believe it was that simple. It has been a LONG time the Mac Pro was not able to run TiVo Transfer. I used to use it exclusively since it is my network base (sort of a server) which has all my external storage connected to it and all my networked devices have access. But when the app started crashing I had no idea what the trouble was since everything worked okay on the MBPro. Not sure why the MBPro started crashing since I had that alias there for a long time. No matter - problem solved. Make sure there is a "TiVo Recordings" in your Home Folder!​ You can change the destination directory in the app, but leave that folder there; not going to fool around anymore. Tom
  6. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    Well... I figured it out, I think. For the longest time I've kept the transferred files out of my Home Directory on another partition. I then created an alias for that partition directory and copied it to my Home Folder/Documents. Thinking TiVo Transfer would see it and - no problem. I just paged up to re-read this thread, tried deleting the alias in Documents, created a new folder titled "TiVo Recordings" and launched TiVo Transfer. It runs. What the heck?? Can the fact that there was an alias there be the cause??? I guess so since TiVo Transfer works now. Spread the word!! All I can say is wow. Hard to believe it was that simple. Tom
  7. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    On a possibly related topic... Read on TiVo that TiVo Desktop (Mac) was no longer being supported. Thought it might be the culprit so I deleted the preference pane and preference, still TiVo Transfer crashes. Not sure if that can be connected to it or not. BTW, there was no new plist for TiVo Transfer once I deleted it, but was there in the other user I tried. So I copied that plist to the main user's Library with no change. Love the little program, allows me to keep TiVo programs on disk rather than cluttering up my TiVo. Didn't we used to be able to transfer these back to the TiVo? I thought the Mac2TiVo program in Toast did that. I can launch that, it shows on the TiVo menu but no files. Thanks for your insight, Digital Guru. Tom
  8. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    I've tried trashing the plist file(s) and still have TiVo Transfer crashing. Using 10.9.2 on a MBPro. This crashing is recent, but has been doing on my Mac Pro (Lion 10.7.5) for a while. I just tried again today by logging into another user and TiVo Transfer launches great. Something, I don't have any idea, in the main user is bad. Not the app for sure if it works in another user. Don't know what to do to try to find what the problem is. Could delete that user but as you can imagine it has a lot of stuff I use regularly since it is the same user I've used for years. I'm going to try and install the 10.9.2 Combo update and see if that works, used to fix things in the past (the combo updater) but I don't know if it still will. Tom
  9. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    Logging out of the user where TiVo Transfer is crashing and into another user and the application works. So, any suggestions what to do to make it work on the other user. It is my main user and I don't want to delete it and start from scratch. There's got to be an offending file somewhere since it isn't the app. Need suggestions. Would like to transfer some files but logging out to do it seems counter intuitive to me. Tom
  10. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    All of a sudden TiVo Transfer started crashing on my MacBook Pro (8,2), Mavericks 10.9.2. But it had been working just a few weeks ago. I'm trying a reinstall right now, we'll see how that goes. Tried looking for the TiVo Transfer Preference, trashed it - no difference. My other issue of it crashing was on my Mac Pro, I don't know what the cause is there but logging out and back in as another user and the app launched. Can't imagine what to do to figure out what's up there. Probably will do the same here on the MBPro. I'll try and come back and let you all know. Tom
  11. golf25radioman

    Cant Get Mac2Tivo To Show Up On My Tivo Dvr

    Reading all in this thread has helped me understand a bit more about the Mac2TiVo. But before I go about trashing files in the Library, etc., let me say a little about my set up. First, I've got a MBPro 8,2 on Mavericks 10.9.2, Toast 11. My folder for transfers from the TiVo is on a partition separate from the boot partition/drive (named the partition "Storage"). I can tell Mac2TiVo where that folder is, it puts it into its window but there is a zero for files - and there are quite a number of files transferred. Is there any quirk that requires the directory of the Mac2TiVo to be in the User folder? In other words is my choice for storage a problem. I can see my MBPro in my TiVo (series 3) in the menu but it shows no files, probably because of that zero. A mention of file format was made, but I've done no changes to the files transferred so whatever format they're in is what they started as (.TiVo). The files can be viewed on my MBPro (double clicking on them) which opens the Roxio Video Player. I presume the Mac2TiVo original use was to view files stored off of the TiVo. I guess I could burn them and watch, but that defeats the purpose of the Mac2TiVo, right? I tried accessing these from my Premier and could not see any files. I have a new Romeo and an XL4 to be added to my "viewing pleasure" soon, holding off because the CableCARD fiasco pairing with the cable company - usually needs a technician to do their "magic" to make them work. Tom
  12. golf25radioman

    Why Can't I Transfer Some Shows From My Tivo?

    A question about this has bugged me for a long time. Not sure what the reason, no one can answer it. But, as Digital Guru states, the cable company blocks copying of certain content. The weird thing for me is shows of the same name, series, etc., have some that can be transferred and other not. For instance, a Mecum Auctions episode that I really want to save is the ONLY one in over 30 on the TiVo that cannot be transferred. Other shows, such as Gearz, also have some episodes not able to be transferred. Any ideas? I've tried everything I could to get that Mecum episode off the TiVo (shareware, etc.) with no luck. Suggestions? Tom
  13. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    Clicking on the TiVo Transfer icon, the icon bounces a few times in the Dock and the crashes. Never get to trying to transfer. The Crash Report has a bunch of tech stuff saying when the crash occurred but no clue as to why. I'll try Safe Mode and another user just in case it is something in the current user's settings/preferences. Tom
  14. golf25radioman

    Tivo Transfer crashing

    Have similar problem, only am using Toast 11. On my MacBook Pro TiVo Transfer works fine. On my Mac Pro it crashes. I've tried reinstalling it many times, even tried searching for any & all preferences in Library and deleting - same thing, crashes. I am going to try and see if a previous version (If I can find it) will work. The Mac Pro is running Lion 10.7.5, the MacBook Pro is running Mountain Lion 10.8.3 - the only major difference. The Mac Pro is a 2006 dual 3.0 GHz four core (not quad core), the MacBook Pro is a 2.33 GHz i7 quad core. Frustrating... Tom
  15. Yeah, but will have to keep an eye out for it. There's nothing coming up. If it does come up I may program my TiVo Premier to record it. Not that the XL is the issue, and I may just record on both, but I really want to catch that segment. Thanks for the suggestion. BTW, been doing some Googling on the issue too...