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  1. Thanks for the reply, I'll record in "best" setting and go from there sheabo35
  2. Hi, I've been using Roxio for a long time and this is the fist time I've come across this problem. I capture a TV program in Windows 7 format. I convert it to a .DVRMS file and edit it with VideoReDo to output an mpeg file. The file is 4413 MB, but when I try to burn to an ISO file with MYDVD, it shows as 4677.8 MB used and 22.2 MB free at an LP quality for the 4.7 GB setting to fit to disc When I set it to 8.5 GB setting and fit to disc it indicates 8190.9 GB used and 349.1 MB free with a quality of HQ. Why is it indicating such a high size (8190 MB) when the original is only 4413 MB? I record with Windows Media Center at a "Better" setting. Any Thoughts? Sheabo35
  3. sheabo35

    Epson Artisan 810 Not On Drop List

    Thanks. I am trying to run C2009 on Windows 7 64 bit. So I guess that's my problem. Too bad Windows or Roxio wouldn't make a backward compatable patch. T. Shea
  4. I have used Label Printer to print covers before on my Artisan 810 under Windows XP, but with Windows 7 Premiun 64 bit the printer doesn't appear in the drop-down list even when I set it as the default printer. I print my CD/DVD disks using the Epson Program so the only thing I'm interested in is for printing covers. None of the posts seem to deal with this situation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sheabo
  5. When I only need to edit out commercials, I frequently use VideoReDo and output the file as an MPEG2. I then open it in MyDVD, change the background and sometimes the audio, then burn an ISO. If I'm burning a single layer DVD-R, it doesn't re-encode, but if I'm burning a DL DVD+R it does. Now when it first appears in the burn phase, it reads that it's set for DVD-R so I change it to +R. I guess my question really is, where do I originally set what form the output should be before I'm ready to burn so it doesn't re-encode? I'll be switching back and forth between -R and +R and when I'm finished my stack of DL DVD+R I'll buy some -R Thanks for any help Tim
  6. I'm finding that the DVD Case insert labels printed from label maker are 1/4 in. too short to fit the DVD box properly. Is there a way to adjust the template so it is larger than the default 10 3/4 in. width? Thanks Tim
  7. sheabo35

    MyDVD looking for DAO

    Paul, you are the man!! It worked perfectly. Now if only the ATI updates worked as nicely. Tim
  8. sheabo35

    MyDVD looking for DAO

    I recently updated my ATI AIW card and found that it completely screwed my system. So I went back to my previous install. But now when I startup MyDVD it indicates it's setting up windows DAO and then it can't find it. I'm assuming this is a multimedia driver. I appears that when I try to burn a DVD, it goes through 99% of the encoding and then fails to burn. Does anyone know if this is an ATI, Windows or Roxio driver problem? It was working fine before the download. Thanks Tim
  9. sheabo35

    MyDVD Won't Encode

    I tried allowing the burn to continue after the image disappeared. Both failed. One stopped 50% through. The other one completed, but the pixilation made it unwatchable. there must be something in the recording aspect that MyDVD doesn't like. Fortunately this is not frequent. Thanks for the help and advice. Tim
  10. sheabo35

    MyDVD Won't Encode

    Thanks for the help. I'll try a few things and get back Tim
  11. sheabo35

    MyDVD Won't Encode

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm getting. Previous times this has happened I've allowed the rending to continue, but at about 55% done, it just stops. No reason is given. I have transferred over 20 tapes (recorded from TV) to DVD, but only a few have had this problem. I use the same setting on them all. Any of the ones that have been successful have shown the movie in the encoding box for the entire movie. Are there times I should just let it continue to encode when the box goes gray? Tim
  12. sheabo35

    MyDVD Won't Encode

    I captured as an MPEG 2 using the same settings that I used forall the other videos that did work. I bring it into Videowave edit it and then immediately send it to MyDVD to finish it. This has happened to three tapes in the last week and I've also successfully made five others in the same time period. One of them I actually recaptured and went through the process and ended up with the same result. I guess I'm not understanding why the finished products will play on preview, but not encode. Tim
  13. sheabo35

    MyDVD Won't Encode

    I tried going back to Videowave and outputting as an MPEG, but it does the same thing. It shows video for about 5 seconds and then goes gray. I deleted about 10 seconds from the beginning, but it still doesn't work. The entire production is from one tape, so it's not like it's from different sources. If there is corruption I assume it's from the Videowave part of the production. Any other ideas / suggestions? Tim
  14. sheabo35

    MyDVD Won't Encode

    I have completed a number of projects successfully, but every so often I have a project that plays fine when I preview it in MyDVD, but when I start to burn it, the preview window shows a short amount of the video and then just shows a grey MPEG screen. The project continues to encode, but shortly after just stops and when I cancel it I get a message that there was a problem and it has to shut down. I am taking old VHS tapes, capturing them using ATI AIW 9600XT and then editing and preparing them using Roxio 9. Has anyone else run into this problem? Tim
  15. sheabo35

    Videowave Screen Ratio

    Thanks, that makes more sense. So, if I'm converting a VHS tape from a 4:3 source and playing it on a widescreen projection TV, I should put the production in 16:9 aspect, but what should I do about interlace vs. progressive.? Tim