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    Roxio Support

    They are right, you have a better chance of getting answers here. I submitted an email suppport request on Jan, 17, never to get a response. If you live in a different time zone where you have little time to call support, you might as well forget any other type of response from Roxio, Sonic, or whoever you want to call them. If they don't intend to provide support, they shouldn't offer it. For the most part, their program is good. If you do have any problems, the forum here is your only chance for assistance.
  2. snowman

    Drag To Disk Crashes

    I sent an email to tech support, which opened a ticket #312603. That was eight days ago. There is still no response whatsoever. They call this tech support? With the time difference, etc. I don't have the time to spend on the phone waiting for tech support. If they aren't going to respond to email requests, then they shouldn't have that option. In the meantime, I'm back to using Nero with absolutely no problems.
  3. snowman

    Drag To Disk Crashes

    I started out originally using Easy CD Creator when before it was bought out by Roxio. Then they were bought out by Sonic, and on it goes. I know this is a forum, hence the name. One reason for my post, no return from tech support on my problem. My reference to the comments on packet writing were in regard to posts in this forum. I personally never had any problems with the Nero InCD. Yes, I'm quite aware of removing the Nero, which I did. The disks have the same problem regardless if I use a reformatted disk or format a new one (can only quick format using the program). If Roxio doesn't think there are problems with the software, then why is there a separate option for removing the D2D in control panel, and why don't they respond to tech support questions about it?
  4. I am having a similar problem, which many others are complaining about. I too am getting tired of the excuse of packet writing software supposedly being unreliable. I used Nero for a couple of years with no problems what-so-ever, so if they are claiming unreliability, they are referring to D2D, not all packet writing software. I purchased EMC9 because I like the program better than the new Nero, but I am having problems with D2D rebooting the computer in the middle of copying a large number of files (around 1800 files with 1.7 gig of space). Windows will then tell you it recovered from a serious error. I have also found that if you stop the copying process part way through, then restart it to copy the rest of the files, it will work. The program seems to be caching the files, since, if it crashes, there usually won't be any files on the disk at all. If you stop the copying process, and restart it, all the files are written to the disk. All of the functions of EMC9 work with the exception of D2D. I've tried, by using msconfig, rebooting with nothing running in the system tray with the exception of D2D, and still have the problem. I'm using the same disks I used successfully with Nero. I also have the latest firmware for the drive. I only have the problem with DVD+RW disks, CD-RW disks work fine. Creator works well with –R and +R disks. I want to use the D2D for backups using my backup program, so I need a reliable packet writing program. If I need to use Nero to write to the disks, I might as well use the Nero program. I am used to purchasing products from companies whose tech support responds in a timely fashion. Roxio, Sonic, or whatever they are called this week, will respond if and when they get around to it. If they have an unreliable product they should admit it and give the customer the option of going somewhere reliable. Apparently, since several people are having the same problems with this software, there is an issue with it that tech support should address, rather than using the reliablity excuse.