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    Buzz won't install

    I've had the same problems. I've been advised not to uninstall the newer version of .NET because MS Visual C++ Express Edition requires the newer version.
  2. I have an OEM version of Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7 on my HP laptop. I'm running Windows XP Service Pack 2. I have two problems to report: Problem 1: When I start the application, a dialog box immediately opens. The dialog box displays the following error message: Internet Explorer Script Error An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line: 2 Char: 18504 Error: unspecified error Code: 0 URL: http://soniccentral.sonic.com/enu/sc/v03_d...;&type=MAIN The dialog box asks me to specify whether I want to continue running scripts on this page. If I say yes, the application seems to work (at least for a while), but I'm still concerned about the error message because I have no idea what it means. Problem 2: When I close the application, or at other random times, I get a sequence of three error messages. The first of these is as follows: Mediahub.exe- Application Error The exception Privileged instruction. (0xc0000096) occurred in the application at location 0x0165399d. Click on OK to terminate the program I've heard that Roxio/Sonic does not provide updates or bug fixes for OEM versions. Is this true? Dr. Phillip M. Feldman
  3. Brendon- You are 100 percent right about the record setup box appearing when one clicks on the Burn icon; I had forgotten about the record setup box. Nevertheless, recording in Disk-at-Once (DAO) mode did not solve the problem; the last few seconds of each track are still getting truncated. I had a suggestion from another person to first convert the .mp3 files to .wav format; this might work, but I've decided that it is too cumbersome to be a good long-term solution. I've decided to dump Roxio and try one of the competing products. Thanks again!
  4. Brendon- I do not see any way of selecting Disk At Once (DAO) mode. It appears that this is not an option in the version that I have. Thanks anyway! Phillip
  5. Lynn- That is a great suggestion about converting everything to .wav files. I will give that a try. I will also try contacting HP, although I'm dubious that that will yield any results. Thanks again! Phillip P.S. That is an interesting quotation. You may be deaf to what is said, but clearly not to what is written.
  6. My HP laptop (one year old) came with an application called "Roxio Creator Classic" (version I have two questions: 1. No one (not even Roxio) seems to have heard of Roxio Creator Classic. Is this the same as Roxio Easy CD Creator? 2. When I burn an audio CD (not an MP3 CD) from MP3 source files, the last 2 seconds or so of each track is truncated. (When I listen to the original source files using Windows Media Player, they are not clipped. When I listen to an audio CD written by Creator Classic, the last 2 seconds or so of each track have been clipped). Has anyone else experienced this problem? Do newer versions of the Roxio software have this problem?