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  1. iRob 2.0

    Blu Ray Won't Play

    Having the same issue too. Tried with Toast 16 and now just purchased 17 hoping it wouldn't be an issue. Burned a standard DVD using some .MOV files. Plays on my mac but not on my PS3 or on my Sony Blu Ray. Using Memorex brand Discs. The blu ray discs are only a few months old. I burned the standard DVD disc using iDVD (still on my computer) and it played. Obviously, there's a software issue here and for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. I want to use Toast 17 because of the customization on the menus. Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. iRob 2.0

    Deja Vu - Missing Files

    I had this same issue. I was backing up files and it worked a few consecutive times. Then all of a sudden, on about the 5th backup, it did not. The space was missing from my external hard drive but the files were not there. I closed the program and reopened it and it worked fine. HOWEVER I could not reclaim that space on my external drive because I could not see the files. I had about 30 gb of extra space taken up with no visible files to account for it. I had to reformat my entire external drive and perform the back up again. This is definitely a bug and Roxio needs to fix it.
  3. iRob 2.0

    Deja Vu - Missing Files

    After about 1/2 hour of backing up files from one drive to another, the transferred files are nowhere to be found on the external drive. I have been using Deja Vu to back up files since last night, and all have worked well, but this is strange. The external drives shows less hard space, about the same size as the backup, but the folder I moved in there is gone. I am not doing the backup again and the folders are showing up, but I am taking up double the space I should. Any suggestions? The software is patched and up to date. Thanks.
  4. iRob 2.0

    Toast 7=>8 Deja vu won't install

    DORK, party of me! I did a clean install of the software and BOOM there was Deja Vu as an option on my iMac. I wish I could say I was under the influence of a mind altering drug to have made such an error but no, just orange juice. Sorry Roxio. I take back all the bad things I said about you.
  5. iRob 2.0

    Toast 7=>8 Deja vu won't install

    Just uninstalled it from my Intel iMac and installed it on my PowerBook g4 and there it was! GRRRRR! I need it on the iMac!
  6. iRob 2.0

    Toast 7=>8 Deja vu won't install

    In a similar boat. I downloaded Toast 8 and I don't even have the option to install Deja Vu, I have everything else. I paid full price so I'm not sure what's going on. Tried to do this twice. I have emailed support about this, hopefully they will respond. Update: I just checked the website of www.propagandaprod.com, the authors of Deja Vu, and the website says there is no universal Binary of Deja Vu yet. So I paid full price for this software and it's missing a key component, and then propagandaprod wants to charge me ANOTHER $10.00 to have ths on my desktop. I smell a rat. A big one.....