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    Video Transitions

    Not necessarily. I perform teh above and get the hardware. I can get 3d Transitions but some of the Graphical texts are very fuzzy or drag artifacts evn though the are available.
  2. FLHaus

    Audio sync solution?

    I have similar issues and will try your recommendation, however, it seems to be a very tedious process. If I take a proxy file and save it, then edit out the video parts say make a 2 hour video into 10 clips totaling about 30 minutes, it seems there would be a lot of tweaking. This tweaking would be outside of video wave, so it seems that a lot of trial and error back and forth between video wave and sound editor would be necessary. It would be so much better if Roxio would just fix the problem along with all the other issues with the software. Instead they just sell and abandon their customers. Thanks for your work though, I do appreciate the tips.
  3. FLHaus

    Synching issue

    I have a similar problem. I have long video files with sound that i want to cut out several large sections and make clips and put some clips together. When I split and delete the scenes I do not want, the sound does not clip with the video, so I get scenes with the clipped scenes audio.
  4. FLHaus

    MS Admits to Vista Failure

    Actually the subject title isn't an opinion. It is the title of the article. me thinks your judgement is clouded and lacking objectivity. But that's okay. We like you just the way you are.
  5. FLHaus

    MS Admits to Vista Failure

    Check out this link to an article about Vista. It is so bad, that Dell is going back to XP. http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=39087
  6. I use Zone Alarm Pro and I do not turn it off to use it, but I do disable Virus & Spyware when rendering. My recommendation is to disable watch folders. The program is a hugh resource hog, and frankly I can't see the resource cost justifying the functionaility it provides. I disabled it because I had many issues regarding reources and program hangs. Same goes for Drag to disc. These programs are just not worth it.
  7. FLHaus

    Video Skips

    Usually this is a problem with the DVD player. Some are better than others, and are picky wrt DVD -R or +R. I have a Samsung (don't know model because I'm at work) that is pretty bad about it. I looked it up on the web and found a Firmare fix for the player. You will be amazed at the different DVD players and the strange anomalies they have. Some players will actually list specific movies that they have problems with. Does the movie play on the computer or any other DVD Players? You can try using a different disc type (-R vs +R) that may help.
  8. FLHaus

    8007000e Error while Encoding Menu

    Thanks. I will try to use My DVD straight from Start, but I suspect the reason is system resources. I think we are doing the same thing, just going about it differently. I am turning off system tray stuff that I do not need while using resources for the Home Program. You are keeping system tray and not using home program resources. I am interested to see if the system runs any better. I also have issues with Videowave, and maybe launching that from start will alleviate the pain there too. I recommend burning to Hard drive anyway. I have had a need to make additional copies at a later time because family members wanted one. It is easier to do a disc copy, rather than go through the burn process over and over again.
  9. FLHaus

    8007000e Error while Encoding Menu

    Let me know if you get past this problem. You are the only person that I have found on this forum who has the exact model computer that I have, maybe we can collaborate on other issues too. Software should not require this kind of extensive experimentation to find work arounds, but it is the world we live in I guess.
  10. FLHaus

    8007000e Error while Encoding Menu

    I have the same exact computer, and I have received that error too, however, not everytime. What I have done to mitigate the problem is before I burn a DVD, I reboot the computer if I was doing anything at all prior to the burn. I also make sure my anti virus and spyware SW are off. I get rid of all of the extra stuff in my system tray, and I do not have any other programs running. I have also permanently disabled the Roxio Watch tray and Drag to disc from start up. I then burn to the hard drive. After that, I will use disc copier to copy the ISO file to a RW DVD and try that in my DVD player to ensure I have a good burn (saves a lot of money, DVDs, and guess work). If that works, I use disc copier to make my final DVD. Sometimes I will get a simliar error at the end of the burn process, but the DVD seems to be okay and plays anyway. Until HP, MS, EMC, NVIDIA or some combination of the four vendors works together, I don't have hope for a fix. They all would rather point a finger at each other rather than fix the problem. Let me know how it goes.
  11. FLHaus

    Label Creator

    I do not get those options for my printer I guess. When I go to that screen, the area is blank.
  12. FLHaus

    Label Creator

    Oops, I should not have said holes, what I meant to say is the printable area of a CD is not the same as the printable area of a DVD. My mistake was that I should have said that I am printing direct to the DVD. I do not use labels. I have an Epson R380 printer that prints directly to printable discs. I have looked at the Core Label and it is no different. I have noticed that in the Express Labeler it shows the right inside diameter for a DVD, but it will not print properly because it is looking for certain label sheets and these sheets do not match the alignment of my printer.
  13. FLHaus

    Label Creator

    Has anyone seen this problem? Whenever I use Label creator, it automatically assumes I'm making a CD instead of a DVD (Smaller hole vs. larger). I am trying to print to the DVD and do not want the larger CD size area blank. I have tried selecting creator with the DVD in the tray and selecting fill from disc, and I have tried doing it from MY DVD. It always opens up to the Music CD layout with the larger hole. When I fill from disc, it will place a DVD Video logo on it, but the center hole remains at the larger CD size. I have looked all through the selections and cannot find a way to select the smaller DVD center. Please help.
  14. FLHaus


    I put together several Mpegs in a mydvd menu. I set up a "Play Movie" which plays all movies, and I set up two menus that should allow you to go to the individual chapters. When I encoded, it did everything until the end. Then I got "80040207 Error While encoding menu". The movie plays in a DVD but no menu and just loops back when it is done. Is there something that I ma doing wrong?
  15. FLHaus

    Text Overlay is distorted

    I get the same thing but only for some of the 3-D Text effects such as Red Devil Slide. I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it, so I am using regular text fonts instead. It really sucks not being able to use all of the functionality.