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    Toast 8 seems to incorrectly count the number of titles in VIDEO_TS

    Yes, sometimes counted twice as is, and sometimes counted once together (60-minute extra) AND once separately (three 20-minute extras), thereby ending up with 120 minutes when in reality there's only 60 minutes of footage. I see this miscounting quite often. This problem does not exist in Toast 7. Am I the only one noticing it?
  2. I've noticed that Toast 8 has a tendency on some discs to double-count movies and extras on the disc. This boosts the length of video it thinks there is on the disc, sometimes thinking 3 hours of video is 6 hours. It proclaims that the amount of compression will be high, like 54%. I've seen this happen with a VIDEO_TS with only about 4.08 GB in it. I open the same VIDEO_TS in Toast 7, and it correctly tells me the length of video and that no compression is necessary. I've also seen instances where, say, there are three 20-minute short films, which show up in the "extras" section. But in the "movies" section, two or three of those same shorts will be combined as a "movie." As a result, those titles are counted twice. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a workaround? Also, I've noticed that Toast is unable to let you preview some extras. Playing the extra would practically play the entire DVD from the beginning, starting with the studio logo, etc. This would be the same for all extras, making it impossible to preview them in order to select certain titles for inclusion, without trial and error. Is this a known problem?
  3. aw_giantsfan

    Making DVD-Video DVDs from AVI files

    Just wanted to document the steps I took to finally get acceptable DVD-Video from an AVI file. 1. I used ffmpegX to save the movie as MPEG-TS. This was somehow squeezing my 640x320 AVI file to 4:3. 2. I opened the file in MPEG Streamclip and saved it as an MPEG file. 3. I brought the MPEG file into Toast and made a disc image out of it (it was 4:3). 4. I copied the VIDEO_TS folder from the mounted disc image file to my hard drive, and opened it with myDVDEdit. I forced the VTS to 16:9 and saved it. The result was less pixelated than bringing the AVI straight into Toast and making a DVD-Video DVD from it, even with Half-PEL checked. It took a lot of work and time, though. ffmpegX took a lot of experimentation to get it to where I could work with it. (The pre-set DVD options resulted in very choppy playback, as though frames were skipped.) There are some trade-offs doing it this way, too. I noticed a slight bit of pixelation compared to the original, but the aspect ratio somehow was corrected in the result (the original AVI was stretched a bit too wide). I recommend this method only if the original source is a good enough place to start, and you don't want to go the DiVX route.
  4. aw_giantsfan

    Can I fix a movie that can't get beyond the first chapter?

    I made a Toast disc image of the original ripped VIDEO_TS and then dumped the VIDEO_TS folder. The Media Browser was only able to see those 8 seconds on the Toast disc image (mounted) and the DVD that was burned from it. I re-ripped the DVD from scratch, repeated the steps, and it worked this time. I guess I'll never know what really happened, since I can't seem to reproduce it. Thanks for helping me look into it!
  5. aw_giantsfan

    Can I fix a movie that can't get beyond the first chapter?

    Tsantee, right: I used DVD video from VIDEO_TS and then selected main title only. Actually, the main feature fit without compression, so that was even weirder that it happened. Chapter skip did not work, nor did fast-forward. As far as the DVD player was concerned, there were only 8 seconds of video on it. Even more strangely, the Toast Media Browser didn't see the longer VOBs that I could see in the VIDEO_TS folder when I browse the file system. The Toast Media Browser also was only able to see those 8 seconds. As a result, I can't do what you suggest (grab the MPEG with Media Browser). I tried opening the VOBs with MPEG Streamclip, and that seemed to fix some timecode errors, but that made me lose the subtitles and alternate audio tracks, it seems. It seems like everything's there, but there might be something that's a little off (like that aspect ratio problem that you helped me fix with MyDVDEdit last time). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  6. I used Toast to make a main feature only disc image. When I mount the image and play it in DVD Player, it won't get past the first "chapter," which is essentially an 8-second title card showing the studio that released the film. The disc image is 4.32 GB in size. When I look inside the VIDEO_TS folder, it looks like the VOBs for the main feature are all there. There are several 1 GB VOBs. However, in Toast's Media Browser, it only shows one title, and when I bring it over, it's only the 8-second title "chapter." Is this something I can fix with MyDVDEdit?
  7. aw_giantsfan

    How do I prevent Toast from changing the aspect ratio?

    It works! You're a genius, Tsantee. Thanks!
  8. aw_giantsfan

    Making DVD-Video DVDs from AVI files

    Thanks for the advice. I tried selecting Half-Pel and it was better than not selecting it, but still noticeably worse than the original AVI source. (The encoding took forever, too.) Has anyone every tried using ffmpegX to convert an AVI to MPEG 2?
  9. aw_giantsfan

    How do I prevent Toast from changing the aspect ratio?

    Thanks, Tsantee. Actually, I haven't burned the disc. I just made a disc image of it. In fact, I've made a habit of making disc images and then verifying them before burning, as you described. (Takes a bit longer, but I like to compare the compressed video to the original before burning). So after I make a disc image, can I edit the IFO file in the VIDEO_TS folder of the disc image, and then burn it? Or are disc image files read-only after they're created?
  10. aw_giantsfan

    Making DVD-Video DVDs from AVI files

    Thanks for the reply, Tsantee. I appreciate how you've shared your knowledge over the years The movies are less than 2 hours long, so it's unlikely that Toast is doing additional compression. The interlacing is a plausible explanation for the noticeable image degradation. I can see that if Toast has to fill in the blanks, so to speak, it can do a poor job of guessing what it should add to the image. Am I better off trying to convert the AVIs to MPEG in an outside application, and then bring that MPEG back into Toast to make the DVD-Video?
  11. I have a VIDEO_TS folder of a 16:9 movie, but when I use Toast to extract and compress it, the ratio is changed to 4:3. The movie is horizontally squeezed (not clipped off). I've never had this happen before, where the aspect ratio changed like that. I've read elsewhere in the forum that there is a custom setting to force the aspect ratio, which is what must be happening without my knowledge, but I can't find the setting. How do I check the setting? Has the mysterious aspect ratio change been known to happen?
  12. aw_giantsfan

    Making DVD-Video DVDs from AVI files

    I am actually still on Toast 7, which can make a standard DVD from an AVI file, but the DVD video quality is noticeably worse than the source material. (I understand that I can make a DiVX disc from the AVI file and play it on a DiVX-capable player, but I prefer to make discs I can play on any player.) Is this conversion improved in Toast 8? Do the resulting DVDs look any better?