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    Thanks people for your assistance. I was in fact after that TOTG mentioned. This provides some audio sound effects and he is correct... it is very messy as it is not available from within the cineplayer and lives with the music edit and burning. Thanks for your suggestion merv anyway. I would be very surprised if the roxio people would keep it like this as their maiin opposition has quite a good selection of effects. Guess I'll just tell the kids to stick with media player. Thanks again.
  2. cgearing


    Hi all, My children are just starting to "play" their songs on the pc. I've been looking all thru the EMC 8 for something similar to Nero's latest where you can have various sound effects, graphic equalisers etc applied to the music player. For that matter, I'm not even sure if there is a specified music player in roxio 8 as most is all about burning needs. If nothing is in this application, can anyone suggest a good plugin to keep it simple for the kids. Thanks in advance
  3. cgearing

    Auto Fill For Labels

    Thanks for your comments Jean. At last I've found someone as much frustrated with this label maker as myself. There must me thousands have given up !! I'm guessing the best we can hope for is that the developers with Roxio see these comments and check to see for themselves that this part of the product fall far short of the remaining standards contained with v8. I do believe it must be an oversight as I cannot recall this problem with v7.x. (I may be wrong but could always find a way to do what was needed) The way to manipulate the text field are VERY VERY MESSY with generally poor results... Having said all this... does anyone out there have any recommendations regards other software that provides for something better? Thanks in advance
  4. cgearing

    Auto Fill For Labels

    Just had a thought. The easiest way to explain my problem would be to consider that a single line of a single track that was imported, is too long and over runs into the hole on the cd overlay. How do I place a line break at the required spot that lines up with the inner edge of the cd hole and then carry on another line to complete the song title, or how would I continue the line title over on and past the cd hole into the other side of the cd? Hope this assists in others understanding my problem. Thanks.
  5. cgearing

    Auto Fill For Labels

    Hi Alan, Sorry I've been a while gettting back to this thread. I understand and have played with the "right click" then edit command. This function takes you into separate page that one must simply "guess" using the addition of spaces etc on where the edited words may finish up on the cd label outline. Each line is distinctly separate and does not appear affected by other lines edits. More often than not, by adding spaces etc to spread words, simply results in the words disappearing from the cd label. They appear one line long only.I cannot find a way to extend a long single line into 2 lines. There appears no way to see during the editing on just how the changes are effecting if at all, the final look when overlaid on the disk outline? This all seem very clumsy and not a complete solution when trying to alter the text. I'm sorry this subject is difficult to explain without trying it but .... Hope you can assist. Thanks.
  6. cgearing

    Auto Fill For Labels

    Can someone PLEASE HELP ME! I import the auto fill information of song titles from onto the disc window overlay in label creator. The song names over run into the centre of the disk outline. Apart from makeing the entire "text box" smaller, I cannot find a way to simply add spaces, spread gaps, start on a new line, etc etc for individual titles. They all appeared "glued" together in the common text box. TOTALLY NON WINDOWS FRIENDLY. Surely there is a way to arrange the text as I require it. Thank you very much in advance as I've spend hours trying to do this. Please put me out of my misery !
  7. cgearing

    Auto Fill Labels

    I've been looking and asking for many months. Does anyonen know how of an application or a way for roxio 8 to autofill chapters from a home made dvd to the label creator section. If auto fill is used presently, it simply comes back to tell you it's a dvd ts folder. Any way of getting to see the chapters from the ifo file and auto fill the label creator? Thanks in advance.
  8. cgearing

    Importing Vob Files For Dvd

    Thanks guys. It's too easy when you know how !!! Did either of you see my post regards label creator and how to import the chapter items? I'm also looking for a way to autofill from a home made dvd to pick up my menus. Roxio 8 only comes back to say it's a video ts folder. I cannot find any software that will automatically list the chapter names in a label format suitable for labelling. Do you know of anything? thanks again
  9. cgearing

    Importing Vob Files To Make Dvd

    Thanks guys, Grandpa and ggr have both helped me and it's all resolved. So long as I use the roxio disc copy engine, I can import all or selected vob files and export as an image or into video folders. You can even selectively remove/add titles/chapters prior to burn. Sorry ggrussell that I did not explain I didn't have the video folder to start with. All is good. Thanks
  10. I normally use nero to import vob files into the video folder to make a dvd for tv. I've looked everywhere to find how to do this with emc8 and cannot find. I would doubt this application could not do it. Could someone please help me. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I can normally import vob files into nero to make a dvd movie. Can anyone please explain if and how this may be done with roxio 8? Thanks in advance.
  12. cgearing

    Using Multiple Burners

    Thanks everyone to all that have contributed here.... All are correct in their comments. Yes, there appears 2 operating programmes in the one package with v8. The roxio sonic does not provide the multiple burners unless accessed via the movie options. The creator applications via the start menu provides disk copy with creator NOT sonic and yes... does provide the option for advanced burning and in turn the multiple burners that may be connected. Thanks to all that assisted me and hopefully others that may view this thread.
  13. cgearing

    Using Multiple Burners

    Thanks for the contributions to try and sort this for me... The creator classis that is now ok with option for multiple burners under "about" state... "Build 805b30benu"... no mention of sonic HOWEVER... the "about" in disc copy states the following... "Roxio creator 8 suite..HOME" V3 Build 3.0.86b Roxio record now date states.. Module name PX engine Build 2.7.17a,63. Sonic 2005. It sounds like GG is on the right track but can't explain why grandpa says they look the same. MINE ARE VERY CLEARLY DIFFERENT. Thanks again for the assistance.
  14. cgearing

    Using Multiple Burners

    Hello GG... I've tried to paste my screen for the disk copy that comes up under the data options in v8. I'm afraid I'll need some assistance to do this. the screen you have shown is from the options with movies only... not the options from data and in turn disk copy. Could you please have a look at this. The screen you have shown does not look like this in the data menu. Thanks again and look forward to reply.
  15. cgearing

    Using Multiple Burners

    Thanks again for your reply gg? Not sure why the cc started showing up but it just did?? (can't explain) As for the disk copy, the down arrow only gives the option of the other drive, not any option of advanced mode. Would you mind just checking and if needed I'll send a screen dump. Thanks again