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  1. Hi all- I've checked other messages in the forum and the Help for Toast and things look right, but the DVD won't play. Background: I have a Philips DVD player that only plays DVD-Video discs (well, plays other CD formats, too). I've created a movie in iDVD (tried burning a disc with iDVD and it didn't work), then created a disc image. In Toast (v7.1) I went to the Video section and clicked on DVD-Video from Video_TS and dragged that folder from the disc image to Toast. After burning the Philips player didn't recognize the disc (doesn't give an error message, just ejects the disc if it can't read it). After looking in other messages in this forum, I went into Toast and checked the framerate (29.97) and that it's set for NTSC (it is). The disc itself is an Apple DVD-R disc... The disc does mount & play on my Mac (mini). When I check Info the Mac lists the disc as a DVD-R (not sure if that matters)... Suggestions, thoughts??? How do I get Toast to make a DVD-Video disc that my standalone player will play? -alex- Alex P. Henderson, NV