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    Please, a Mydvd Menu question: is it possible to insert a single movie file in a menu with 2 0r 3 titles? I like one of 3 0ptions titles menu but i want to insert only one movie file. thanks
  2. Please, no body heve the same problem ? I've no answer from Sonic Support. Every time i switch on my PC the Sonic Installer starts looking for a location to download a .msi resource. My last chance is to uninstall and stop with Sonic/Roxio products. I'm not so glad about this support.
  3. Nothing to do. Today does not work again. Yesterday it was ok. This morning, starting my PC the problem comes again. A Roxio MyDvd 9 Premier.MSI is required. No way to stop the process. Please, can someone help me ?
  4. Very well, Kevin, now Mydvd work fine ! Thanks for the great help. An other little question for you: what about the very nice Menu theme Styles i had in Mydvd 6.0 ? Can i use them too? Have a good day. Vincenzo.
  5. I dawnloaded MyDVD Premier 9 Upgrade version from Roxio site. I upgrade my previus MyDVd 6.0 version with success. Reboot the system and Starting the application: avery time starts the windows installer again, and stops looking for a component in a Cd or in a directory. No way to stop this process. I have to reboot the system Any idea about?, please ? Thanks for the help.