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  1. Try the "Diagnosticstool" from the LightScribe site. It will correct the Lightscribe settings iff they are wrong.
  2. gebi1

    Ver 10.1.226

    firenhancer, I think you misunderstood me. What I tried to say is: The funktion is at the same place as shown on the picture and is working as a batch-converter. Until now, I could not determine any problems with the new version. It's working fine for me.
  3. gebi1

    Ver 10.1.226

    I got the German Version Roxio WinOnCD Media Suite 10 Version: 10.1.223 from this side: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/emc10/software_updates.html There also the 10.1 Version of EMC is available. (As I can read, it's even the 10.1.223. Maybe it's a print error)Edit:(has been corrected now to 10.1.226) The "Batch Audio Converter" in the German version is called "Audio Konverter" and is placed at the same position as in the screen-shot shown above, but I can still add several files to it and convert them all together.
  4. gebi1

    Bios Settings

    But if you install one of the newer HD-graphic cards, you have to have a look on your powersupply. These cards need a lott of power.
  5. I found out, that the selection options in the print window are related to the Highlighted Objekt in the main window. In other words, if you want the lightscribe option, the Disk Cover and only the Disk Cover must be highlighted in both windows. Otherwise the Burner is not selectable.
  6. Did you also install all the latest driver updates after the reimaging of your PC, particular for the graphic card and your printers (if available)? May be Media Center7 works fine with the old drivers, but the newer versions need the latest drivers.
  7. gebi1

    Can't Cancel Install

    You're welcome !
  8. gebi1

    Can't Cancel Install

    I'm running the German version, so I'll try to translate. May be it sounds a bit funny. Under "Start" ; "All Programs"(alle Programme); "Tools"(Zubehör); "Systemprogramms"(Systemprogramme); "System recovery or restore" (Systemwiederherstellung) you will find two options (may be 3, if these function was used before) where you should select the first. There you can select a date and/or a time of an entry you know it works o.k. for you. Than follow the given instructions.
  9. gebi1

    Can't Cancel Install

    I would try a Windows "System Restorepoint" just befor the installation try, and where you are shure the system was running fine.
  10. gebi1

    Music Dvd Burn Problems

    I just tested the "Musik-DVD" option under my WOC 10 (German twin of EMC10) without any problems. I'm running XP Home SP3, IE 7 and WMP 11!!! For my test I added 150 different mp3 files with different bitrates from 128-390 kBit's/s also some in CBR and some in VBR. Some includes a label , some not. "Musik Disk Creator" converted all added soundtracks to Dolby Digital AC-3 (choices are: Dolby Digital AC-3; MPEG 1 Layer 2;PCM) . As said before, no problems at all. The Disk is playing fine on my externel player and all buttons are working as defined. Even all sorting options are available and, if there, the coverlabel for the track is shown also. May be that EMC 8 has some difficulties with your PC configuration, so the alternativ could be EMC 10.
  11. gebi1

    Lightscribe Label Preview

    If you can see the both checkboxes, you did not choose your burner for your printout from the dropdown line on the top of the print template. What do you read there ? Is there your "normal" printer shown? If yes, you have to click on the down arrow behind the line and choose your burner for the lightscribe printing! If your burner is not shown in this dropdown menu, you should download and run the "Diagnostictool" from the LightScribe site and let it correct the lightscribe settings in your registry. After that, also 'Label Creator' should work propperly.
  12. gebi1

    Missing Pics On Burned Dvd's

    That depends to your burner! Different burner brands prefer different disk brands and speeds for different jobs. Have a look to the installation booklet (if you got one with your burner) or on the homepage of the burner manufakturer. There you often can find some proposels for tested disk brands and types for your special burner. My 16x LG burner had some problems with the 16x Verbatim's and with my newer 18x and 20x Samsung burners I can burn these 16x Verbatim's at speeds of 18x and 20x without any problems.
  13. Label Creator only can add, change or remove again borders, set to a clean (borderfree) image. If your image has already a border and you don't want it, you've to cut this border off in 'Photo Suite' or any other Photo software before inserting in Label Creator.
  14. If you click into the inserted picture, some icons appear directly above the horizontal ruler. Click into the right square with some horizontal lines in it and a drop down window opens, where you can choose between different line thickness and 'no line'. Have a look on the other icons and values, which allow you to manipulate your image. These icon row will change, if you click on other smart objekts. if you want a smooth transition, you have to prework the photo within 'Photo Suite'.
  15. Which rotating angle you see in the edit box? If it's '90' try to set it to '0' as I wrote in Post #5 That issue was discussed before in this Forum and it was helpfull on some graphic cards.