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  1. The title says it all. I try to achieve something like to add a conversation bubble with some texts in it to make the video more interesting, is that possible. The bubble doesn't need to be animated. In other occasions, I may want to create a circle to highlight a person within a group in the video. In this case, a circle with fading effect will be nice. Thanks!
  2. Arnold

    Media Selector disappeared!

    I think I found the cultprit. I upgraded SlySoft's AnyDVD to the latest version this afternoon. I did a system restore and magically I can bring back the media selector when I start up Videowave again. That'll solve my problem for now and have to figure why there is a conflict between these two programs. Strange...
  3. Arnold

    Media Selector disappeared!

    I just ran into the EXACT problem. I can no longer bring up the media selector. It happend after I did some intensive video editing today for my friend's wedding project. Everything was working fine. I closed the program and shut down the computer gracefully for dinner. When I resumed my work tonight, I could no longer bring up media selector like the original poster described. Any insight? I attempted to repair the program but I purchased the copy on-line. I only have the EXE file but Windows wants the MSI file. Any idea how I can extract the MSI file from the Windows installer. Did anyone try to full uninstall/install the program? I don't want to try it unless it is proven to work... Please help! I hope this is not Roxio's way to force one to upgrade to EMC 10.
  4. Sorry guys I jumped the gun too soon. Actually my desktop PC drive is a Samsung Writemaster. Actually it is nice to know there is a tool like DVDInfo Pro included in ECM9. I played with the tool and apparently the BookType BitSetting is only for Benq drives so I suppose by clicking DVD-ROM checkbox won't do much any good. I google but couldn't find any booktype setting tool related to a Samsung Writemaster drive nor from Samsung site. I do have Samung ODD Firmeware Live Update running to ensure my drive is always running the latest firmware. Now it brings me another question. Does brand of drive has any impact on compatiblity issue? Would a Benq drive burn a more compatible disc?
  5. Thanks. I'll give it a try with my Benq drive! Hopefully this will vastly increase set-top player compatibility.
  6. I see. I also did a google. So in brief I should use +R disc and set the Booktype to DVD-Rom for best compatibliity with the set-top players on the market, especially for the older ones. Now my question is: Is Booktype setting part of EMC9 or it is done through some kind of dvd driver software. Thanks guys!
  7. Isn't -R supposed to be more compatible than +R? I guess I'll pick Verbatium for sure look as it is praised everywhere. Are you using MyDVD to burn the disc? Noob question, what is BookType of DVD-Rom?
  8. I have been using Easy Media Creator 9 to burn my own videos on DVD discs. I have three dvd set-top players. My burned discs play fine on two of them but occasionally hiccup on one. I don't bother to find out why. Now I have a project to do a friend's wedding video. And naturally I have to burn discs to distribute to my friends. I burned a slideshow disc (just photos) to the groom friend and he had problem to playback the disc. The slideshow skipped and stalled on him. I told him to try to use a different dvd player... What's my best chance to burn a disc compatibility with most set-top players on the market. What brand is good, Verbatium? When will software be able to burn discs like retailed DVDs that can play on every DVD player. Cheers.
  9. Arnold

    "Capture now" is inactive

    I use MM2 to capture my DV video via IEEE into DV-AVI or High quality video, ensuring MM2 to run the scene detection function. When the capture process is completed, there should be only one physical video file but in your collection, MM2 should generate a bunch of video clips. Each clip should be automatically named with the shooting date and time (e.g. 02/05/2006 2:15 pm). Not just date, but time as well. Roxio, please do something about this handy feature!
  10. Arnold

    "Capture now" is inactive

    I see, but MM2 does keep track of the timestamp in wmv, probably using some kind of bookmarks built into the software. In any case, this piece of info is so critical for video editing and I can't believe it remains being left out in a commerical product like VideoWave. Thanks for clarificaiton. I am too used to MM2.
  11. Arnold

    "Capture now" is inactive

    Found the issue. The buttion is inactive if I invoke Media Import Manager from VideoWave. If I run Media Import Manager directly from Start Menu, the button is active and capture video is working as expected. I have been using Movie Maker to capture and edit videos in the past and used MyDVD solely for authoring. Just thought it is now version 9 and everything should be good. Well, I am disappointed. Like you said, "smart scan" plays and stops your MiniDV for every cut scene. And no actual video date embedded to the video clips is a show-stopper (I can't figure out the date stamp to put as part of the video title). And video clip selection process is not very initutive to use. Why can't one just drag & drop to make the video? Microsoft's Video Maker v2.1 is free and hasn't changed in ages yet it does a much better job in those things. I guess I'll continue to use MM2 for video capture/editing and just use MyDVD to burn. What a waste to get the preimer version.
  12. Arnold

    "Capture now" is inactive

    I can't believe it! Just upgrade to MyDVD 9 Studio Premier and my first stumbling block is immediately seen. "Capture Now" button is grey out no matter what combination of options I choose to transfer video from my Sony mini-DV. I have no problem to capture from Movie Maker or Nero. If I can't capture the video, I can't use Video Wave to do video editing since it doesn't have built-in scene detection. Video Wave relies on "Smart Scan" from Media Import Manager to build the smaller video files to work with. Any idea to solve that? My Firewire card is Texas Instruments OHC Compliant IEEE, driver provided by Microsoft 5.1.2535.0. It's really really very standard. My Sony model is DCR-PC100 ntsc version.