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  1. Hi, Are encoder settings for legal H264 (AVC) pass-through posted anywhere? In particular for X264? Thanks
  2. BillD

    Can't Activate 6.4 Upgrade

    Hi, Purchase a 6.4 upgrade and it wont activate, gives me "invalid product key". I installed the same file on another machine and it activated just fine. Anybody know how to fix this? Clean install of XP Home SP3. My old copy of 6.3 will not even run on this machine, just displays the splash screen and dies. It will also install and activate on another machine just fine. Anybody know how to fix this? Thanks As of this morning it activates. Perhaps the activation server was down.
  3. Hi, Scott asked me to provide settings for outputting a 1920x1080i60 DB compliant encode from Premier Pro. The fact that this works is actually buried in another thread but here it is at top level. It is very simple, the default settings for the MainConcept encoder in PP work fine. I have PP 1.5 with Aspect HD 3.1 but I believe the MainConcept settings come with standard PP. Just do File | Export | Adobe Media Encoder Format: MPEG2 Preset: 1080 60i 15 Mbps VBR (I suspect the other HD formats will work also but have not tried them yet) and OK. If you want to experiment with different settings just click on video under the summary at the left and you can alter the encoder setting. You can save the altered settings using the floppy button to the right of the Preset pulldown. I believe the other post indicated that PP 2.0 worked also. Good Luck, Bill
  4. BillD

    Compliant BD Mpeg Encodes from Tsunami?

    Thanks to Scott for giving me the needed debug info. Here's how to make an TMPGEnc 4.0 setting which produced 1920x1080i60 video files which DVDit accepts as BD compliant. Should work for other HD formats with obvious changes. NB: I have yet to actually burn a disk and check playback with these setting. I'll report any problems. Load the MPEG File Output Template and make the following settings: Output Stream Type: Elementary stream (video only) Video Menu: Stream Format: MPEG-2 Video Profile & Level: MP@HL Size: 1920x1080 Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Framerate: 29.97 fps Rate Control: VBR (Bitrate: 15000, Max:18500, Min:4000) Should be able to jiggle this or use CBR VBV Buffer Size: 488 Video System: NTSC DC Component...: 9 bit Display Mode: Interlace Field order: Top Field First Motion Search...: Standard GOP Menu: I pictures: 1 P Pictures: 5 B pictures: 2 GOP frames: 18 check all three boxes Quantization Menu: Matrix Type: Default Other Menu: Check Optimize Half Pixel and Encode keyframe For each Colorspace setting select ITU-R BT.709 (this is important!) You can then save this as a custom template. Good Luck and Thanks Scott, Bill
  5. I would be very curious to know if anyone else has been able to encode compliant BD streams using Tsunami. I have seen the posts about Procoder, etc. I could not get Tsunami (TMPEGenc (4.0 or 2.5)) to produce compliant streams. I have made compliant streams using the MainConcept (Adobe Media) encoder in Premier Pro (using the default 1080i setting). I would be very happy to take a copy of the BD recordable spec and my trusty Mpeg stream analyzer and figure out what is wrong. Sadly, the Blu-Ray disc authority wants me to pay $2500 for the privilege of perusing the spec. Sorry, I don't think so. So much for open specs. Tsunami says they can't help because they have no idea what Sonic considers wrong with the stream. If Sonic will tell them what is wrong they will fix it or give me my money back. Even if Sonic can not release the spec due to Blu-Ray restrictions maybe they could at least indicate what is non-compliant with a given sample? So, where can I send a 10 second clip from Tsunami which is rejected by DVDit? I can also send the good one from MainConcept. Thanks, Bill
  6. I am authoring from animation frames which I can generate at any frame rate I like. Does anybody know if there is a frame rate and interlace vs progressive selection which might insure optimal international compatibility? I have seen it written that all BD movie titles are actually encoded as 1080p24. Is this true? (I have also seen it written that SD DVD commercial releases are all encoded at 24 fps which I believe is hooey, no?) Any insight will be much appreciated. Thanks, BillD