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  1. Mark107

    Jam Support?

    So still no print function for a timing sheet... I wonder how much longer Jam will continue to work, because I can't use Toast because of this deal-breaking oversight.
  2. Mark107

    Jam 6 crashes at the end of a cd burn or save as disc image

    My experience is that if I try to burn a CD with BOTH cd-text AND isrc codes, Jam will crash. One or the other is okay, but not both.
  3. Mark107

    Jam 6.0.3 Text and Red Book compliance

    This is starting to make sense to me now. I just posted about how Jam will not (at least for me) allow the writing of both cd-text and ISRC codes. You get one or the other, and if I try to allow both, Jam will crash upon trying to write the first song. The above poster says that when he inserts his CD in a player that displays cd-text, he sees the isrc codes instead. What does this suggest?
  4. Mark107

    Can I burn ISRC AND CD-Text w/ Jam 6?

    Yes, but not as the same time. If I enter ISRC codes, AND have cd-text turned on, Jam will freeze as it starts to write the first song. Turning off cd-text fixes it. To be clear, I can write cd-text, so long as have NOT entered ISRC codes. My machine - PMG5 dual 2.7, running OS X 10.4.9.
  5. Mark107

    no printing of timing sheet !?!?!?!?

    It's fantastic to see many of Jam's features added to Toast, but not being able to print the song/pq list renders it 100% useless to anyone wishing to use it for professional mastering. I know that it is not Roxio's intention that users use Toast for such lofty pursuits, but many mastering engineers been using Jam for years for just such purposes (myself included). To add so much yet leave THIS out is, to say the least, a very strange decision. Roxio could have dramatically increased their market share of mastering engineers with this update, but instead they will lose ALL of it. Not being able to print a timing sheet makes Toast 8 useless. How come no one has been burnt at the stake for this?
  6. Mark107

    no printing of timing sheet !?!?!?!?

    bump Almost a year later, and no fix?
  7. Mark107

    mastering for CD replication

    The ability to print log sheets was removed, thereby turning a pro-level software into hobby software.
  8. Mark107

    Making Audio Master CD

    In order to send a CD master to a duplicator / replicator for manufacture, they require a timing sheet printout. The printout details track IDs, timing / spacing, and other tech-related info. Without it, the disc will likely not be accepted. Or if it is, mistakes may be made as there is no reference sheet to refer to. Jam had this feature, and it was removed in Toast 8. Hence, a pro-level program has now been reduced to hobby-level software. I wish the powers that be at Roxio would wake up already. This incredibly stupid decision is the talk of the town here in NYC, where seemingly every recording engineer alternately laughs or cries as it is discussed. Not since Gibson bought OPCODE have a heard a company bashed as much as I have heard Roxio bashed over this past year. I mean people are FUMING here. Add to this is the fact that many of us have years worth of Jam documents that we may have to open in the future for clients. With Toast 8 as it is, we cannot use it. With the uncertainly as to whether or not Jam will continue to work on future machines and OS versions, we could be looking at hours of lost work on a regular basis, in trying to recreate "lost" CD playlists from Jam documents. What professional would EVER trust Roxio again with their work? The weird part of it is that it would have been so simple to leave to feature in. Some bozo actually went OUT OF THEIR WAY to do this.
  9. Mark107

    No "REAL" Jam in Toast 8?

    Not being able to print the timing sheet kinda kills it for anything other than amateur use.
  10. Mark107

    no printing of timing sheet !?!?!?!?

    The people who make these decisions are perhaps not as in touch with their user base as they might think.
  11. Mark107

    Pro Mastering Feature Bugs

    If Jam gets updated, then fine. If Jam is not going to be updated, but merely rolled into Toast, then definitely NOT fine. We need the pro features of Jam (including being able to print a timing sheet), or we need Jam to be updated. To do neither is maddening.
  12. Mark107

    I didn't find Jam on my boxed upgrade of Toast 8.

    If you are doing mastering in a pro setting, you should know that Toast 8 will not allow you to print a timing sheet, which is required to submit CDs to replicators. So you will not be able to use Toast 8 for this purpose.
  13. Mark107

    no printing of timing sheet !?!?!?!?

    I much appreciate that. Most mastering engineers (pro and not-so-pro) do most/all of their tweaking in other programs. As such, they don't need a "high-end" authoring program to burn discs, they just need something to layout the song order, tweak timings/crossfades, etc., and burn the disc. No need to spend major bucks on a disk burning program. Jam fits the bill for these people. I know of many engineers who use Jam for just this purpose. But without the ability to print a timing sheet, mastering engineers cannot use Toast 8 at all. I hope this can be resolved very soon. Jam may soon be broken under OS 10.5, and Roxio will undoubtedly lose this base at that time. Thanks - Mark