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    Write protection

    Thanks again for your help. It is not even backward compatible to Roxio 7. I have Adaptec 4 deluxe, and Roxio 5,6,7,8.&9. I had no problems with 4 threogh 7. 8 wouldn't burn a DVD consistantly, (sometimes it would work, usually not) which was the reason I bought 9. 9 works fine on DVD burning, and photos etc., but the D2D bugs me. I have another question about 9. How can I add text to the storyboard before burning a DVD? When I click on the icon that is on the storyboard, or click on "add text" it gives me a block with a blinking curser, but when I type on the keyboard, nothing happens. Thanks. Jim.
  2. bamamusikman

    Write protection

    Sice I posted the above, I have discovered that if I burn the files to CD with Roxio 9 drag to disk, they will not open on the older versions of Roxio either. I guess I will have to keep two sets of CDs, one for Roxio 4 through 7, and another for Roxio 9. The reason I don't want to use a flash drive, is that I am using these CDs for storage of information. I need to be able to add information to the files periodically. For example, I am using one to keep up with income from two sources. When the monthly amounts change, I need to be able to add this information to the file. If the file was made with Roxio 4 through 7, I can read it with Roxio 9, but I can't write new info to it, or delete from it. If the file was made with Roxio 9, it won't even open with the older versions. I can't believe that Roxio did this on purpose. Is there no way to add info to a CD made with Roxio 4, 5, or 7, when I am using Roxio 9 drag to disk?
  3. bamamusikman

    Write protection

    I have put some files on a CD-RW with Roxio 5 and Roxio 7. I have had no problems reading or writing with either program. I am now using Roxio 9. I can read the files OK, but if I try to add a file or delete a file, I get a message saying the CD is write protected. We have two other computers with older versions of Roxio, and the CDs will work fine, reading and writing on them. How do I remove write protection, or convince Roxio 9 that the CD is not write protected. Thanks Jim.