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  1. Uninstall Sonic DLA. It will conflict with EMC 9's Drag to Disc.

    I did uninstall all Sonic stuff but I thought the DLA comes with Media Center 9 since I do not have any other Sonic programs. I also uninstalled Drag To Disc.


    This problem did not happen after the inital intall, it started a week after. Yes, I was able to buy a legal copy 10 days before the release.

  2. I get this message now when starting Vista after the Media Creator 9 install.


    This driver is blocked due to compatibility issues.


    Check online to see if solutions are available from the Microsoft website. If solutions are found, Windows will automatically display a website that lists steps you can take.


    Driver: Sonic Slutions DLA

    Publisher: Sonic Solutions

    Location: Not Available


    A driver is installed that causes stability problems wiht your system. the driver will be disabled, Please

    contact the driver manufacturer for an update that is compatible with this version of windows.


    There is no online solution and Roxio support site is useless.