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  1. I am having a similar problem you are. My DVD wont open - just drops a button on my task bar but i can't do anything with it - have to open task manager to close it up again. I am trying to open Cineplayer also but I am getting the same crap you are. The installer comes up and is searching for DMX.MSI and when i can't tell it where to look, after hitting cancel several times after it tries to rapidly reappear, it finally does open up. You are right about one thing, Sonic support sucks! I am about ready to bag all the Sonic crap on my machine - will try to use system restore first i suppose. Good luck - will keep an eye on your posts to see if anyone helps.
  2. dcboss

    My DVD will not open up

    Help! I just got a new Dell desktop from Dell and I have Roxio Creator MyDVD combo LE installed on my system and when I open MY DVD, I see nothing on the screen except for an icon in the task bar below and when I right click on it to try to close it - nothing happens either and i have to open task manager to even close the program. I tried the fix i saw in your answer sections regarding uninstalling mydvd (removing registry stuff,etc) and trying to reinstall. I did reinstall and the same symptoms occur. Any suggestions? By the way, since I cant even open the program, i am not sure which version i even have but i think it must be 6. The Creator programs (record now, etc.) open fine but not dvd.