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  1. Thank you again for trying to help me. Will look to see if they are still saved....if yes, that would be great...thank you...:) Appreciate all the time and effort of all of those who took the time to respond to my help questions...:) Take care Marie
  2. Hi sknis Sorry about the long thread but was hoping for an easy fix. Thank you for video site..:) Yes, there are transitions for every photo and music, plus panning and zooming. I have come to the conclusion that I can either leave it as is or make a new one. Thank you Marie
  3. Ok....that is where the problem lies, did not save it, thought I did, I have the icon for what I thought was a saved version of the video but by moving my photos to a newer external drive, etc...the program cannot find them to restore the video...program seems to only save the file names but not the actual DVD files with it. I didn't realize I didn't have the actual finished product to open up and play or edit down the road. That is how I tried to do this, thought I had my original project but I don't, didn't know that you cannot move photos away from where they came from while making the original project. I tried to send a small clip of movie but could not, it is too big and I do not how to shorten it. As for HD Movie Maker, I do not have it. So sorry, wish my problem was an easy one for everyone who tried to help me. Take care and Thank you again Marie
  4. I will see if I can attach a portion of it....will get back to you.
  5. Hi REDWAGON Yes, started with photos that became a video with music. Either you have a video OR photos one or the other. Originally did you take a bunch of photos and somehow make a video of them ??? Yes...started with photos in VideoWave, transferred to MyDVD to finish, I do not want to fix the photos, just wanted to take some out and include others and change some of the songs. It was my first attempt many years ago for my grandson's birthday and after watching it again, saw that I could have done better in parts. I didn't realize that it was not easy to upgrade it a bit. Guess I am not experienced enough...:( Thanks again Marie
  6. I thought it would be easier to edit the DVD but after going around in circles find it is not...:) Yes, I can recreate most of it but photos are now scattered and will take time to put back together again...but see now that it is the only way for me to do it without causing everyone here grief Thank you Marie You are not causing grief but we are just trying to understand what you really want to accomplish by insisting on using photos. I would think that it is a lot easier to edit the video (which you now have as mpg files in a folder on your computer) then trying to recreate the video from the individual photos that are scattered all over your system. Of course it depends a lot on what editing changes you want to make and how profiecient you are with editing video.
  7. Roxio Creator 2010...I didn't write 2019 that I am aware of, if I did, my apologies must be a typo... I copied the VOB files and renamed them mpg. However, the files showed up as clips...I could watch them but they would not go into VideoWave as individual photos as when I originally made the video. Either, I am missing a step to separate the video as individual photos and not a segment of the video in one piece. I also downloaded the free version of Wondershare it extracted the vob files from the DVD but when it converted it to mpg it also came as movie clips and not separated photos. Sooo, I could not edit my files. The extracted VOB files show up as just a few files for the whole video....wish I knew what I am doing incorrectly. Thank you again Marie
  8. Yes, I am. Will it open the mpg video file into separate photos, etc. as I originally put it together or just movie files that cannot be edited. I downloaded a free converter but it extracted and changed VOB files into mpg files, but as sections of video that I could just watch in Video Wave but could not edit. Would appreciate how and what I click on in Roxio Creator 10 to extract each photo segment so that I can edit the whole production....and is this possible. Thank you very much Marie
  9. Dear REDWAGON Thank you so much for your patience and help, I appreciate it very much....:) I am an older person and I can do what I understand and therein is the problem...your talking format and I use the term extensions...so I answered incorrectly and must have frustrated you a lot...so sorry. I made this video for my grandson's 13th birthday many years ago and when I recently watched it again saw areas that I wanted to improve on...guess that is where I went wrong...:) Your recent answer, is the one I wanted......can it be done and how. Now, I know I can, but not with the program I have, which all I thought I had to do was rename it, after extracting the file, by changing the extension/format and that would be it and that frustrated me. I guess I should have listened to the old saying....."if it ain't broke, don't fix it"....:) REDWAGON....again thank you....) I am running Windows 8.1 and will look for a free program for it. As for your GOOD LUCK wishes, I probably will need it...:):) Have a great day...:) Marie
  10. REDWAGON Thank you so much for your patience with me....appreciate it. So....can I extract the burned dvd and make it into a avi. or mp4 file and then use it that way in VideoWave to edit it. I am sorry...feel I am beating a dead horse, but would like to learn how to do it in case this happens again....probably easier to redo the whole video but am fighting it...:) Take care Marie
  11. Hi Appreciate your help....yes, the video I made in MyDVD8 is the extracted video that I was able to do in Cyberlink. I don't remember it asking me what format, it just took the video and broke it down for me. I can redo it but for MyDVD to load it as an extracted file, what format do I need. Thanks again Marie
  12. Hi All I can see for each extracted clips it shows it as VTS3.01.02 VOB Is this what your asking? Thank you Marie
  13. Hi Thank you again....so bottom line I cannot put the extracted video back into videowave/MyDVD to edit the whole production. Am I correct?
  14. Hi REDWAGON Thank you for your response, appreciate it. I feel very stupid but are you saying, that I cannot edit the "movie" that was extracted in Cyberlink program? I no longer have the "movie" in either Videowave or MyDVD, if I did, I would be able to edit it without the disk or extracting it from my burned DVD. I cannot get the extracted Cyberlink files to load in either MyDVD or Videowave. I prefer working in MyDVD, easier for me to work with. So...not sure if this is not possible in MyDVD program or I am not doing it correctly. Sorry, but I have never done this procedure before and feel somewhat lost. My brother who likes Cyberlink helped me to extract the files and I thought I was home free...but guess not..:( Thank you again Marie
  15. Hi...Sorry to ask again but can I extract each image from burned disk to fix it....OR is it not possible to do in MyDvd 8? I want to redo certain parts of it. If yes, to above question, please tell me how...I have tried with no success. Thank you Marie