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    My Dvd 10 Premier

    Thank you very much for your response, appreciate it. Guess it won't. Has there been another program that is similar?
  2. Have new computer 8.1....will my program My DVD 10 Premier work in new computer? Thank you Basket
  3. Basket

    Transition Duration

    Hi Digital I have Creator 2010 and using it now but it will not allow me to create a transition duration for all the transitions in my video... I also have MyDVD10 but do not use it.
  4. Basket

    Transition Duration

    Hi Digital...Thank you very much for responding. I have My Dvd 10 Premier and Roxio Creator 2010. Does one program have this function and the other doesn't? If yes, please tell me which one has it. Didn't realize I had both programs...possibly using both without realizing they are different. I haven't made any changes to my system.
  5. Basket

    Transition Duration

    Hope someone can help me. I used to be able to enable transition duration by clicking on the transition, change or set duration and then click apply to all. When I click on the transition and then click on Transition Duration, a window opens up and says "There is no items to show in this view". I have to set each transition duration one at a time...has to be an easier way. This is on Creator 2010, My DVD 10 on a Vista operating system. Thank you
  6. Hi Thank you very much for your response, appreciate it. No I do not have the project, unfortunately, so I will have to start from scratch.. Thanks again Basket
  7. Hi Made a photo DVD with music. Need to update it with some changes. Do I have to start from scratch or can I upload original DVD and rework it. If yes, please explain to me, how. Thank you Basket
  8. Hi Hope someone can help me. I have My DVD 10 Premier and Vista computer. I had My DVD 8 Prem. and was able to set durations for both my photos individually and transitions. For some reason, I cannot change the duration of my photos individually, when I right click on photo the duration control is greyed out. Anyone else have this problem? Would someone be kind enough to help me use this program. Thanks Basket
  9. Hi Have MY DVD 10 Premiere program and also My DVD8 Prem. In My DVD 8 all you had to do to lenghten the transitions and photos were to click on photo or transition and you were done. On My DVD I cannot save the transition time. When I click on a transition, window opens up to let me change the timing but the apply to all is greyed out, middle of box says no transitions and there are no transitions showing. I cannot change the photo length of time for each photo because that application is also greyed out??? There is a default area where I can change the photo time but all photos have to be set at one time. Did not have these issues with My DVD8 Prem. Anyone else have this problem and why are these options not showing or not allowed. Thanks Basket
  10. Basket

    My Dvd 8 Premier

    Hi I am working on a MyDvd project and I would like to include a small part of a movie from my camcorder that is already on a DVD along with the photos. Can this be done and if yes, cannot figure out how to upload to computer and be recognized by this program. Hope someone can help me. I am using WindowsXP Prof. Thank you Basket :
  11. Basket

    Mydvd8 Premier

    Hi Hope someone can help me out. I have a DVD project that I burned onto a DVD a few years ago. I would like to add to it and fine tune it a bit. Is it possible to restore my project from a burned DVD which has music etc on it back into My DVD 8? If yes, please explain how it would be done. Thank you Basket
  12. Basket

    Mydvd10 Help

    Hi I should have the full version, it was not a download, I purchased the disk. My version is 10.1. In fact I had 3 choices in installing MyDVD10. Typical, quick and complete (or something close to these words) I chose the last one thinking I might as well install everything since I had plenty of room. Not sure what to make of it. Basket
  13. Basket

    Mydvd10 Help

    Hi Thank you so much for your response. Your procedure is what I always did in MyDVD8 but for some reason in MyDVD10 that option does not appear when I right click on the photo or transition. Unless they are calling it something different I cannot bring it up. Basket
  14. Basket

    Mydvd10 Help

    Hi I just installed MyDVD10 and am working on a photo project however, I cannot find where to adjust the photo duration. On MyDVD8 if you clicked on the photo a window popped up where you clicked on apply duration and you could apply duration for 1 photo or all the photos in your project. I can do it manually for each photo but this would take an enormous amount of extra work. The same for adjusting the transitions...it does not have a window that opens to allow you to set the transition time for all of them. Am I missing something. Doesn't seem that the newer version would have omitted this feature. When I click on the photos a window pops up but no Apply Duration for photos comes up. Has the terminology changed for this procedure? Hope someone can assist me so I can continue my project. Thanks Basket
  15. Basket

    Mydvd 10

    Hi Brendon Normally it is the other way round...... Your right, better to be safe than sorry. Thanks again for your input. Take care Basket