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    My DVD 8 Prem.

    Hi Kevin Thank you so much for your quick response, appreciate it. If I understand correctly what you wrote, if I say No, My DVD will install and work fine using my installed IBM DLA. It (My DVD) does not need its own DLA file....can use any DLA file. My IBM DLA softwear is a few years old...should I try to update it before installing My DVD 8? Thanks again for your input. Basket
  2. Basket

    My DVD 8 Prem.

    Hi I am reinstalling all my programs after crashing computer. Upon reinstalling of My DVD 8 Premier, it wants to remove my IBM DLA saying it is incompatible. First time I used My DVD 8 I said no and program installed anyway. However, after all my computer problems recently want to understand better why program wants to rid computer of my IBM DLA...how necessary is this and why? My computer comes with IBM Record Now which I use to copy and make disks with. It is an easy program to use so I hate to stop it from working. Could use some advice or solution before I reinstall My DVD 8 Premier. Thank you Basket
  3. I removed all TDK items including Roxio DVD Max Player and Easy DVD Creator 6..my TDK does not want to recognize that I have a disk in their drive. Upon uninstalling DVD Max Player the following error came up, Roxio DVD Max Player OX80040702 but the program uninstalled and is no longer there. Can I go forward and now reinstall my MY DVD 8 Prem program. I crashed my computer because I was not able to burn any dvds with my TDK for some reason...uninstalling everything only made things worse. I did use Roxio.zap program and for some reason that finished my computer. Crashed, reinstalling now but am concerned about this missing file. Is it needed for anything at this point? Hope someone can help me. Basket
  4. Brendon Thank you again for your very quick response, appreciate it. My project is a finished "movie/dvd" from using photos that I brought into My DVD which I started originally in VideoWave. I burned it as a finished product. I have a laptop with My DVD 8 Prem installed on it also...want to save the movie in MyDVD and edit it. Can it be done this way or do I have to redo the "movie" to be able to edit it once it was burned to disk. Hope I am explaining myself clearly enough. Take care Basket
  5. Hi Brendon Thank you very much for your response, appreciate it. Unfortunately computer is not back up, IBM is sending me a new hard drive and if that doesn't work a new board will come with repair man. What was happening, was that my TDK burner kept asking for a disk when one was already loaded. I could not burn anything because I couldn't get past this issue. When I started to uninstall everything connected with my TDK burner, i.e. Easy Creator 6, Roxio Max Player...thinking I could start over...somehow that just made matters worse as other photo programs I had wouldn't work either and the DVD burner that came with my computer wouldn't recognize my disks at that point...Crashing computer seemed the way to go at that point...it appears that other programs need files from each other once installed and uninstalling them takes function away from working programs. I have a working project/movie disk that I was able to burn from computer burner before crashing that I need to finish work on, can I just reinstall My DVD 8 Prem program. and load project back into it from my disk? Or...does every photo in project have to be reinstalled for this step to work. Thank you again for your input. Basket
  6. Basket

    My DVD 8 Pro

    Would appreciate some help. My computer is not working properly, in order not to lose project/movie I created in MyDVD8 Pro...I took the project, plus photo files and music files and put them on my External Drive. I want to burn them on my laptop but when I open up MyDVD and transfer the project/movie...it will not allow me to edit or preview it properly....keeps telling me it cannot find certain photos...I put all the photos into a File called New Folder... When I preview the movie, only certain photos show up, music plays fine but some areas just show a black screen. Shouldn't I have been able to just see the movie completely directly from my External Drive without saving it to my HD and burn it? I wound up saving both the movie and the photos into a file called New Folder and that didn't help. Am I missing a step here...has anyone else had this problem. Thanks Basket
  7. Have created a menu with a photo from my file, no problem, easy to do....however when I put the menu and my video wave production together as one saved production in My DVD, my first photo in the production puts itself right on top of my Menu photo in a small version. If I delete it (photo) not the menu photo, it takes every picture in my production with it. I asked Support chat and they told me this is how the program works...doesn't make sense to me. Does anyone know how to create a menu using your own photo and then putting the rest of the production to it without this happening? Thank you Basket
  8. Basket

    Creating a Menu with Photo

    Thank you very much for your response... I have opted for making the photo that appears on my menu photo smaller and pushing it in the area where it cannot be seen. After viewing the production a few times, I have noticed that the photo that I reduced and pushed out of the way has disappeared completely. Not sure why this has happened but it has worked in my favor. Thank you again Basket
  9. Would appreciate some help. I have created successfully a project, the music shows on the music track, plays when clicked on. However, when I go to preview the project, some songs play and others don't randomly. When I click on the timeline track to check out the music, it is there and I have to click on the speaker icon, open it up and toggle the arrow a little, then it starts to play...so I know it is there. Can someone please advise me as to what step I am missing to keep the music continuously playing so that I can finally burn my project. Thank you Basket
  10. Thank you again for your response, appreciate it.... I am in the group of the belt and suspenders...the extra few steps are nothing compared to what I have gone through trying to get everything to work like it should. Again, thank you so much for your help, if not for you, I would still be going around in circles trying to get my project finished properly. Take care Basket
  11. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! It worked like a charm...one further question...should I clear the Proxy each time before I close after fine tuning my project so everything runs (music especially) smoothly when ready to burn? After previewing project, went back into options and noticed Proxy line there again...so cleared it, clicked Save and closed down. Not sure if this is overkill or needed to keep project running smoothly. Again, thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it very much. Marie
  12. Basket

    My DVD 8 Pro

    Would appreciate help beginning a new production. I am able to create a menu with photo and audio sounds but adding the first photo to the production has been one big problem. If I drag a picture onto the menu I can click on Edit, Select all and get into the storyline area to add more photos but when I try to eliminate the picture on the menu, all my photos are taken with it. I know this doesn't seem to be the way to start a movie after creating a menu but I cannot get that first picture into the storyline area any other way. Hope someone can help me...before I delete this whole program and buy something better. Thank you Marie
  13. Basket

    My DVD 8 Pro

    Hi James Again, thank you so much....... I feel so relieved and happy that I can now go forward on my new project after so many days of going around in circles. Knew it seemed too complicated the way I was using the program...why it worked originally (the wrong way) I will never know. James, thank you again for your help, very nice of you to take the time to help me. Take care Marie
  14. Basket

    My DVD 8 Pro

    Hi James You are correct....I should be using the term still pictures. I now see where I am in error. I thought I was opening up VideoWave but what was coming up was MyDVD. The minute you said no Menus on VW....knew something was wrong on my end. I went back to All Programs and clicked on MyDVD8....this is the first time I actually saw the words VideoWave other than when I would click on Help and those words would appear..so I thought I was in that mode. I just opened up VideoWave and there was the storyline and timeline buttons and all the spots for my still pictures. All fell into place and makes me feel very stupid for not realizing I was in the wrong place. I cannot say thank you enough....:) I knew something was very wrong with my round about procedure but could not figure it out. James, thank you again for your help and for getting back to me so quickly, appreciate it very much
  15. Basket

    My DVD 8 Pro

    quote name='james_hardin' date='Feb 27 2007, 01:36 PM' post='99100'] Something better??? Generally speaking, you create your production in VideoWave. Add what you want, tinker until you have it right then save the file (dmsm). Then you start MyDVD and after you click on Add Title, select your VW dmsm file. Hi James Thank you so much for your response, appreciate it. I am in VideoWave to start my movie however, it is adding the first picture to my storyline area that I am having problems with. I cannot get to the storyline area after I create my new Menu. The only way I can get to the storyline view is to add my first photo of movie (after menu photo) right on top of my Menu photo. Then I can click on Edit.....select all....then Edit movie and the storyline area opens up and I can then place all my photos in. This doesn't seem to be the way to do it but is the only way I could figure out. However, now when I go back to my menu photo and try to delete the very first photo of my production from sitting on top of it, it takes all the production pictures with it. Not sure why and why I cannot get to the storyline or timeline view area to get started. Can you help me? Thank you Marie
  16. Basket

    My DVD8 PRO

    Hi I am able to include audio/music into project but after a few songs on the track, the newer songs are spaced too far apart for continuous playing. I try to drag the song on the track closer to song before it but the song seems to reduce in size or almost disappear completely. I also notice that an orange bar appears under the photo showing which has two small arrows on it. Have no idea where they have come from and how to get rid of the them...they seem to be keeping the song where it is, not where I want it to be. When I finally am able in some instances to elongate the music on the track in the proper spot...it stops playing in the middle of song even though I can see the whole song on the track. It plays all the way through in the edit area where I can pick start and finish areas. Can someone help me...not sure what I am doing incorrectly. Thank you Basket
  17. Hope someone can help me...I am able to select music, see it on the bar below photos but when I try to drag it next to previous song, the length of the music shortens. I notice a gold progress bar right under the photo in view area with small arrows on it. Not sure why these have appeared. Hope someone can help me. Thank you Basket