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    DVDit Pro HD

    Yes I do have admin Rights. And I'm able to burn SD DVDs without a problem. It writes the SD volumes also. It does the upconvert process from SD to HD without a problem. It doesn't want to write BD DVD Volume or Image.
  2. regimix

    DVDit Pro HD

    Ok, the video was encoded with sonic scenarist (SD-series Encoder 2000) The audio is ac3. i do not have a BD Burner at this time, but I do have a DLT. I just want to be able to output the BD volume for now. Thanks
  3. regimix

    DVDit Pro HD

    Got this error message when trying to output a Blu-ray Volume from a standard def. file. "BDMV export COM object could not be initialized" If anyone had this before or knows how to fix it, please share.