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    Roxio Secure Burn

    On startup, Roxio Secure Burn puts icons on my screen for all hard drives (internal and external). How do I prevent this? At the moment, all I seem to be able to do is "Exit" them individually ... a real pain every time I start or re-boot my computer.
  2. I previously loaded an update to my EMC7 installation, then purchased upgrade EMC 7.5, and loaded it with no problems. However, after I loaded EMC8, I always get a message on boot-up that "Drag-to Disc cannot be initated because of missing components. Please reload Drag-toDisc." For starters, I didn't know how to just do that. I agree with others that the Roxio "Support" is frustrating beyond belief, and for all practical purposes, non-existent. Anyway, I un-installed EMC8 completely (I thought), re-installed EMC7 from scratch (i.e. original, update, and upgrade to 7.5). All of that had no effect on the problem, which I cannot seem to get rid of ... I have repeated that very time-consuming process several times now. The result is that I now cannot use EMC7 now to rip CD's, create music CD's, whatever, because "Dragon fails to initialize. However, I want to continue to be able to use EMC7 .... when you rip a CD, it gives you the option to configure the file name in a number of ways, which does ot seem to be the case with EMC8. It seems like it should all be simple to install .... am I missing something here? Would appreciate any help anyone has to offer.