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    DLA and Windows Vista

    Your a champ RichT! Fixed the problem that has been p.....g me off since the day I installed Vista (thats what you get for upgrading on 'Vista Launch day'). Simply installed D2D, then removed it using Add/Remove and then deleted the remenants from the Directory. And yes, it is buried very deeply at Dell Support (you would think Roxio do not want it found?). Thanks very much.
  2. stickler

    DLA and Windows Vista

    G'day Rich, see that your online. Looks like your patch from Dell works according to others. Can you please exactly tell me where on the Dell website i would find it?
  3. stickler

    DLA and Windows Vista

    Rich, a 15.0MB patch seems a little large just to remove DLA from Vista? And I cannot seem to find it mentioned on the official Roxio website....What does it do and where did it come from? Thanks...
  4. stickler

    DLA and Windows Vista

    Still looking for help to remove DLA on Vista. After trying a myriad of suggested solutions (I haven't removed the MS update yet!), I am left with: - Roxio cannot be unistalled in Vista - Roxio DLA deleted from Add/Remove, using MS Install Cleanup Utility but the rest is still remains on the PC - I cannot uninstall in Safe Mode using MS Win Installer Utility (SAFEmsi.exe) as it is now not in Add/Remove anymore - I cannot re install Roxio DLA in Safe Mode using MS Win Installer (SAFEmsi.exe), so I cannot then remove it - Reg Edits have only given me grief so far. People have suggested Reg Edits for XP....has anyone got the Reg Edits for Vista Home Premium...my only hope... Thanks in advance
  5. stickler

    Roxio on Windows Vista

    Yes, same issue here after upgrading from XP to Vista. All works well except for this problem. I have tried a few edits to the Vista Registry deleting various Sonic Keys only to find the "blue screen of death" appear a few times. Even importing the keys back into the Registry in Safe Mode did not allow a normal boot. Had to resort to a system restore as my last effort in getting a working system, so beware. I just know enough to get myself into trouble! Any help from "Registry" experts would be much appreciated.