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    Toast Audio Assistant

    I just updated to Toast 16 "Pro" and Audio Assistant 1.0 blows up. Has anyone been able to use usb capture? I am guessing memory leak or overflow as it works for about 60 seconds then the earth silencing kaboom. Oh and the display for the tracks does not paint well its full of artifacts and garbage.
  2. In response to the re-occurance of this problem, I rebooted TIVO and now it works again.
  3. I had the same problem then it went away after an update earlier in the week and now with no update my files will not transfer again.
  4. First off a big thank you to Roxio for providing this function. I am wondering if Elgato or Roxio is the best place to go for support on the player. So far everything works as advertised with a Series 2 DVR working on DirectTV with Mac OSX 10.4.8, except navigating using FFWD, RWND or Skip in the player is quirky at best. Was wondering if others are having the same issue. Running off a direct attach FW800 LaCie External hard drive. Thanks, Joe