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    DVD burns fine, but won't mount when re-inserted

    Have any of you folk having trouble with the discs mounting tried to clean your DVD burner/drive? After one run through with the cleaner (I used a Memorex DVD Lens Cleaner) my drive started reading discs again. I had the exact problem you're describing, too.
  2. sabriel

    DVD burns fine, but won't mount when re-inserted

    Andrew, It's been almost a month and I'm curious to see if cleaning your burner solved the disc mounting problem. I presume that it did seeing as you haven't made any more posts regarding it. Either that or you just gave up! Cheers, Lawrence
  3. sabriel

    Toast 7.1.2 burned DVDs won't mount on desktop

    Happily, I solved my own problem! I cleaned my SuperDrive on my eMac with the Memorex DVD Lens Cleaner. After only a 1 minute clean, all the DVDs that I couldn't get to mount earlier will now mount just fine. Thanks to whoever suggested I try cleaning the drive. Cheers!
  4. sabriel

    DVD burns fine, but won't mount when re-inserted

    Andrew, I think I have the solution to your problem! I was having the same concern as you - DVDs burn fine but won't mount when reinserted in the drive. Someone suggested I clean my SuperDrive on my eMac. I bought the Memorex DVD Lens Cleaner (for around $15) and just tried it moments ago. Happily, all the DVDs that wouldn't work previously will now mount just fine after only a 1 minute clean with the Lens Cleaner. Voila! I reckon this will work for you, too. Good luck. I hope this helps. Cheers, Lawrence
  5. I've used Toast 7 successfully and happily for over a year. Now, however, when I burn a DVD using the updated version (7.1.2), the disc burns fine and even mounts on the desktop just after burning. When I reinsert the disc at a later time, though, my eMac will not recognize the disc. Instead, it delays for about 5 seconds and then spits it out again. The same burned DVD that my computer won't recognize plays just fine in my Panasonic 5-disc changer player. I'm using the same DVD-Rs that I've been using for months. This problem seems to have started with the update to my Toast software. Any thoughts on how to proceed at fixing the problem? I've never had any problems with the software before and, consequentially, never had to post in a tech help discussion forum.
  6. sabriel

    DVD burns fine, but won't mount when re-inserted

    I have the exact same problem. My discs burn fine and will play in my Panasonic DVD player but won't on my eMac. What's really odd is that they will mount fine after burning but never again. Any ideas on what to try or have you heard any word from Roxio Customer Service as to how to fix the problem?