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  1. I recently upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, Sice that time i have been having trouble with Record Now 8 Premier. for example DLA won't work with Vista, I already read all the other posts about uninstalling DLA and none of them work...I don't even have the option of uninstalling it in my remove programs folder. I tried uninstalling Record Now 8 Premier from remove programs and when i click uninstall i get a error box that tells me that the uninstall is on a network drive thats unaccessable....well i have no network drives and can't even search for and find record now premier 8 .msi which it is looking for to uninstall it. I don't have a cd since i purchased the product from the internet store and downloaded it to my computer, I did save a copy of the download and tried to install it again , hoping that i would have the option to uninstall it from that, but shortly after opening it i get a message that tells me that i already have a copy on my computer and it will go no further. So I purchased a copy of the new Record Now 9 Preimer which works with windows vista and installed it hoping that it would remove the old record now 8 premier for me and it didn't, although it asked me if i wanted to and i clicked yes, it still didn't remove it. I still have the same problem with Record Now 8 Premier. am I stuck or is their a fix...remember i tried all of the fixes in the other posts on dla and it didn't help at all. I even submitted a trouble ticket to roxio for help and after a week of waiting for an answer, all the help i received was to be told that they do not support Record Now 8 Premier on Windows Vista...and that was the end of their support message...can anyone help at all??
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    DLA and Windows Vista

    Thank you so much Rich, This cured my problem that i have been having for weeks....whats up with Roxio, they make a patch and don't tell anyone about it, just the same as their tech support....Terrible.....Thank you again.