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    burn project over multiple discs

    Brendon, Thank You. I'll give it a try.
  2. I created a production in Videowave that is very large, almost 3 hours in length. When I use Mydvd to burn to disc, it will compress the file so it fits on a single dvd disc. Does Mydvd have the capability to burn the project over several discs so I do not lose any video quality? If not, does anyone have any suggestions, beside shortening my production? Thank You
  3. Pach

    DMSD format

    Thats the problem. The dvd's were created several years ago using different versions of Roxio. The orignal files are not in the same places. I was hoping there was a program that would let me convert the orignal disks to a different video format. Maybe I'm out of luck. Thanks Dave
  4. Pach

    DMSD format

    I have several slide show dvd's burned using older Roxio programs. The dvd's are in the "DMSD" format. Is there a program I can obtain that will convert these dvd's to a different video format, such as AVI or MPEG, etc. Thanks Dave
  5. Pach

    EMC9 vs EMC7

    Thanks for your help, I'll try the trial version to see if I like it. Pach
  6. Pach

    EMC9 vs EMC7

    I love using EMC7. If I upgrade to EMC9 will everything work the same way as EMC7 ? I mainly create slide shows and burn them using DVD Builder. Thanks Dave