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    Can't see Series 2 Contents List

    Yes. No problems at all. Used it with Toast 9 and Toast 10 under 10.5.x.
  2. Beta 1 was a total failure for me — SBOD upon launch. Beta 2 is better in that it launches and I can see the items already transferred to my computer, but it does not list the items actually on my Series 2 TiVo. It shows information about one of the items on my TiVo in the information bar across the top when the DVR is selected (the item most recently recorded), but the listings below are absolutely blank, the Create Auto Transfer and Start Transfer buttons are disabled, and moving the arrow keys around does nothing useful. iMac 24" (Late 2006) 2.16 HGz / 3 GB RAM Mac OS X 10.6.1 TiVo Series 2