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    Toast 8 and Video Recorded on DVD-RAM Discs ?

    Thanks very much. Roxio Technical Support didn't seem able to answer the feature question. 7 has been great, but I guess I'll start looking for a good upgrade deal for Toast 8.
  2. Hi, Toast 8 ad says "Improved! Import and burn shows from set-top DVD recorders" - does this mean you can now extract things recorded on DVD-recorder DVD-RAM discs (assuming you have a drive that can read 'em), and burn them elsewhere? According to Panasonic the format used for their DVD recorder's DVD-RAM disc is a Dvd_rtar folder created with the following files: Vr_movie.vro : Actual image file Vr_mangr.ifo : Management file Vr_mangr.bup : Management file backup Thanks.