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    Normalize Audio Files

    How do I normalize a bunch of audio MP3 files all at once to the same volume level? I have about 300 songs that I want the same volume level. I am trying to use Sound Editor. Seems like we could do it in earleier versions of Creator, but I don't see how to do it in 2011.
  2. Golferjack

    Error While  Writing Format

    As I stated in my original post the files are from Videowave, but they are just photos from a SLR camera--very very simple. This is not a complex question. I wanted to know what the message is saying, becasue it is not documented, and no one seems to be able to explain it. The reply from ROXIO was silly, because if they really read my note, they would have seen that I had already tried to make an ISO rather than go directly to the burn. I have been doing videos in Videowave for probably 15 years - long before it was part of ROXIO. This is a software problem and an undocumented error. I don't think the requested hardware information is relevant to the problem, but at a high level I have two machines, a home built one with an I7 2600 processor, 8 GB ram and a DELL I5 with 6 GB ram. Both run W7 home 64bit and neither have video cards.
  3. Golferjack

    Avchd Iso File Size Vs Dvd File Size

    Yes, they were both the same -"High Quality"--, but the AVCHD ISO also had the 2 pass encode option selected --very strange.
  4. I have made 2 ISO files, one AVCHD and the other is a regular DVD. Both ISOs were from the same Videowave inputs (3 DMSM files). The AVCHD ISO is half the size of the DVD ISO. That does not make sense to me, because the AVCHD should have better quality, and thus not compressed as much as a DVD, and thus be a larger size. Am I missing something????
  5. Golferjack

    Error While  Writing Format

    Here is the latest. I just tried to make another AVCHD, but continue to get the write error msg. Tried the MP4 route with no success. As a lark, and becasue I have a very fast prodessor, I changed the color of the menu buttons to white and checked double pass on the encode and I had success. I tried the same on my original movie but with no success. I am still looking for a consistant work around--not just a "one timer".
  6. Golferjack

    Error While  Writing Format

    Hello, Thanks for the reply. Last time I tried the AVCHD burn it failed and the next time it worked (same input). This time I tried your suggested MP4 route, but with the same message(Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Error while Writing). I randomly can make AVCHDs. I contaced Customer Support and they told me to make an ISO file first. I guess they don't really read their mail, becasue I had told them that was what I had done. I am not sure still what the message is saying, and it is unfortunate that this product remains sort of pesky. I have been using various versions since Videowave was from MGI and am used to work arounds. I am hoping that someone can provide a consistant work around for this issue.
  7. I have installed Streamer Agent, and now would like to log on from a machine which is not on my local network and without using the Client software. I am able to log on via Streamer Agent and am able to see my photos on my TV. Does anyone know the log on address and the associated proceedure in order to get on via Internet Explorer?
  8. Golferjack

    Error While  Writing Format

    In MY DVD I get a message "Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Error while Writing Format". I don't know what his means. The message occurs after MYDVD has encoded the menu and begins the Write Format part. I clicked on details in the message, but it just repeats the error. I am trying to make a AVCHD. There are about 35 photos and no sound track--very simple DVD. The input to MYDVD came from VideoWave. Any help????????? I have made many AVCHDs so I know the software is not missing something.