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    Os X Yosemite & Toast 11

    I too have Yosemite & Toast 11 Titanium Pro, BUT, TiVo Transfer won't work (it recognizes my TiVo and the folder where I store the downloads, but when I try and activate a Transfer, the transfer starts, and then quits after a few seconds.) I tried cTiVo, but it also fails to download/transfer files from my TiVo. Any thoughts on what I might be able to do to retain TiVo transfer capability under Yosemite? Thanks........Jim Taylor
  2. JimTaylor61

    Tivo Transfer

    Just purchased and installed Toast Titanium 12 on Mac running 10.9.4. Went to Extras and TiVo Transfer didn't show up. Is it no longer available or is there another way to install it? Thoughts? Thanks Jim Taylor
  3. JimTaylor61

    Tivo Transfer Stopped Working

    Someday, you'd think I'd learn that many problems can be solved by re-booting - in addition to reinstalling the software. Your suggestion works and I'm now back in business. Thanks - this isn't the first time your answer has helped me out Jim
  4. JimTaylor61

    Tivo Transfer Stopped Working

    Starting May 5, TiVo Transfer will no longer work. Have latest version of Toast Titanium Pro (11.1 (1072)); atest version of TiVo Transfer (version 2.1.0); latest Mac OSX (10.8.2); using new new 27" iMac (Late 2012). When I select a program from my DVR and Start Transfer, the software acknowledges the transfer has started (twirling circle in the Active Transfers line), but the transfer never finishes and that program never shows up in the Tivo Recordings screen. I have reinstalled Toast a couple times, but to no avail. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks Jim Taylor
  5. JimTaylor61

    Mac-Toast 11.0.2 - Tivo Transfer

    ------- Thought I'd let you know I finally found the problem (in a round-about way). First I changed location of transfers - that didn't help. Second, I trashed Toast 11 & reinstalled Toast 10. That didn't help either. Then I restarted my TiVo (which reloads the OS) & bingo- that solved the problem. I then trashed Toast 10, reinstalled & updated Toast 11 & I'm back in business with the latest version of Toast. Thanks for your perseverance.............Jim
  6. JimTaylor61

    Mac-Toast 11.0.2 - Tivo Transfer

    I give up. 1. I deleted the TiVo Transfer app; restarted Toast; tried to select TiVo Transfer, but nothing happened (no TiVo Transfer installed or showed up). 2. I deleted the updated Toast (11.02), reinstalled Toast 11 and activated TiVo Transfer - still didn't work. I then copied the TiVo Transfer app to a 3rd location, deleted Toast 11; reinstalled Toast 11 and then updated it (again to 11.02); activated TiVo Transfer, it still didn't work. I then deleted the TiVo Transfer app from the Toast folder & pasted the TiVo Transfer app I had placed in a 3rd location. That 'reinstalled' TiVo Transfer app still didn't work. I'm out of ideas. Thoughts? Thanks Jim Taylor
  7. JimTaylor61

    Mac-Toast 11.0.2 - Tivo Transfer

    I turned off the router(s) (Airport Extreme & Airport Express); turned off the computer; unplugged the TiVo. Left all off for ~1 hour. Then turned on routers, waiting until the Green lights came on; then restarted the computer; then started the TiVo. Booted Toast, selected TiVo Transfer, activated one 1-hour transfer. After 2 hours, that Transfer is still running, thus no go. Would you recommend I uninstall Toast and start over? Thanks......Jim
  8. JimTaylor61

    Mac-Toast 11.0.2 - Tivo Transfer

    Installed 11.0.2 Toast Update on my MacPro. I cannot now transfer TiVo recordings from my DVR to a storage hard drive. Such transfers have worked flawlessly until I installed the 11.0.2 update. The Start Transfer seems to activate, but the 'in progress' status never changes. Any advice on how to 'fix' the problem? Thanks Jim Taylor
  9. JimTaylor61

    where is tivo transfer beta4 download?

    I just updated to Toast 10.0.3, running Snow Leopard on Mac Pro. Neither the TiVo transfer that installs under 10.0.3 nor the TiVo transfer beta would activate TiVo Transfer. Has anyone else successfully achieved connectivity with their TiVo using Toast 10.0.3? Thanks Jim Taylor
  10. JimTaylor61

    Can Not Register Toast 10

    I downloaded Toast 10 (the first download didn't work, but a subsequent URL (sent via an additional email) worked fine) and that installed A-OK. However, one of the accompanying pieces of software (SonicFire Pro) would not accept the serial number that was provided by Roxio in either email. I'm at a loss on how to install and activate SonicFire Pro. Any thoughts - especially from the Roxio guy? Thanks Jim Taylor
  11. JimTaylor61

    Popcorn 3 - Tivo not going to Itunes

    Does the Popcorn 3 Batch DVD Compression work on TiVo files, such that one could put at least 3 TiVo 1-hour episodes on a single DVD? Or, would I have that same capability in Toast 8?
  12. JimTaylor61

    Multiple recordings on 1 DVD

    You're absolutely right. Your instructions (using the Media Browser) permitted me to insert 4 disk images into one image for potential burn. However, you were also right that Toast's Fit-to-DVD compression feature is not available using this method. My goal is to take 4 (1.5 GB in size each) TiVo programs and place them (obviously using compression) onto one 4.7 GB DVD disk. As noted in my initial post, the Roxio instructions are devoid of discussion on how to achieve such a feat. Any further thoughts would be appreciated. Jim Taylor
  13. Cannot figure out how to place several recordings from TiVo onto a single DVD. I have recorded (High Quality) programs (1.5 GB each in size) and wish to place 4 of them onto a single 4.7 GB DVD (using built in file compression capability). I have saved the files as XXX.toast and XXX.disc formats, but cannot get Toast to accept more than one file for burning in either format When trying to do multiple XXX.toast files, I can only get Toast to accept one file; when trying to save multiple Video-TS folders, I get an error message those Video-TS folders are not a supported format. I have scoured the instruction manual, but to no avail. Hardware/software - MacPro OS 10.4.9, Toast v 8.1 Any assistance will be gratefully accepted. Thanks Jim
  14. JimTaylor61

    Playback doesn't start at very beginning

    You hit the nail on the head. The DVD plays fine using either DVD Player or VLC on a MacBook Pro. The disk I just tried was burned on a Sony DVD-R. When I put the same disk into the Sony DVD player, the very beginning of the program played OK, but it then jumped 30-45 seconds. Perhaps my problem is the way the recording is transitioning from the title segment to the first program segment. Is there a Toast (or Popcorn) setting I am overlooking or perhaps misinterpreting? Thanks...Jim Taylor
  15. JimTaylor61

    Playback doesn't start at very beginning

    Bottom line - I guess I'd chalk it up to unfamiliarity with Toast's capabilities. Being able to 'control' compression didn't jump out at me in Toast documentation; and description of Popcorn's ability to compress files caught my eye, thus I acquired Popcorn - as I knew I had several programs that were too large (as recorded) to fit on a 4.7 GB DVD disk. Speed - I didn't attempt to set or change burning speed, thus it must have 'defaulted' to either software setting or capability of the DVD disk. Some of my recent burns were to Apple-branded 2X DVD disks. How much compression - At least two of my recent burns were of files between 5.0 and 5.5 GB in size. Having provided this info, any thoughts on why I don't start viewing at the beginning of the recording? Thanks.....Jim