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    Where is the CONVERT button?

    Yes, using 9.0.7. App quits trying to convert anything to anything to anything. FLAC>AIFF, etc. No big deal...think I'll use XLD anyway; I don't need to convert audio files that often. Thanks.
  2. PatrickD

    Where is the CONVERT button?

    Doh! Thanks... Now if I can just get Toast 9 to stop failing when I try to convert; app suddenly quits every time. I have a new Mac Mini with Snow Leopard. Problems there? Time to get 10?
  3. Or am I better off using XLD or iTunes? Longtime Toast user but I'm moving towards a music server and I'm going to be ripping over 1,000 CD's in the next few months. Thanks for any suggestions!
  4. PatrickD

    Where is the CONVERT button?

    In the docs there is this for converting audio: 1 At the left side of the Toast window, click Convert and choose Audio Files. Where in the name of Fred Flintstone is this button? A screen shot in the docs would have been a great idea. Any help appreciated!
  5. PatrickD

    Export Cd Audio Tracks To Hard Drive?

    Hey DG thanks for the exhaustive reply to my question! I think I will continue to use T7 for ripping, given your answer, and use 9 for burning. Thanks so much for your help!
  6. PatrickD

    Export Cd Audio Tracks To Hard Drive?

    Thanks for fast response guys but I don't think I adequately explained my problem in the first post. In Toast 7, I would drag a CD icon to the Toast window; delete unwanted tracks in list; select wanted tracks and click EXPORT button; save to folder on an external drive; save Toast playlist into that folder. There doesn't seem to be a way in Toast 9 to do what I described above. There is no EXPORT feature or button anywhere to be found. Tracks are automatically imported when dragged into its window whether in the Audio CD or Convert tab area; who knows where they physically reside on my Mac or what format they've been converted to. I'm never given a chance to specify a destination drive. All I'm trying to accomplish is to use Toast, as I have done for years in 7, to rip tracks from audio CD's in AIFF (original format) directly to a folder on my Mac for later burning. I DON'T WANT TO CONVERT THESE FILES TO ANY OTHER FORMAT; I WILL BE BURNING REDBOOK-STANDARD CD'S FROM THESE FILES. If I have to manually drag tracks from the disc to a drive, so be it but it ain't 1994 so why should I have to? ;-)
  7. PatrickD

    Export Cd Audio Tracks To Hard Drive?

    I recently upgraded to T9 from 7 and don't see a feature I'm always using in that version. I want to export tracks to a hard drive for later burning; I used the EXPORT button in Toast 7 but I don't see any equivalent in T9. Help! Thanks guys. pd
  8. PatrickD

    "screen Of Death" After Cd Burn Finishes?

    Thanks tsantee. Rember shows no defects. However, I do have only 768M RAM, one 512 and one 256 (other two slots are empty). Maybe Toast 9 will not exhibit this problem but 7 is so stable maybe I'll just keep using it...I primarily use Toast for CD music burning so unless there are improved related features in 9...
  9. Long-time user here...I have a mirror-door G4, running 10.4.11, Silverlining D2 external burner. Toast 7 was a reliable workhorse, and I'm still using it for all my CD and DVD burns. Here's why: in Toast 8, every third burn or so (an average) once the burn is completed (completion bar fills out) my Mac crashes and I get the Tower of Babel death screen and I must restart. This became such a frustration that I continue to use T7. Anyone with similar experiences or suggestions I'm all ears! I'd love to get 9, and I'm planning on upgrading to Leopard soon but these crashes are a real concern. Thanks everybody! pd
  10. PatrickD

    DVD loading: Disk insertion error post-Toast 8 install

    Pleased to report that an archive and install of Tiger got me back to Burnville! Well, that and going back to Toast 7!
  11. PatrickD

    DVD loading: Disk insertion error post-Toast 8 install

    Strength in numbers! My external LaCie burner mounts everything I put in it when hooked up to my iBook. I think I'm going to backup/format/reinstall on my boot drive and see if that clears things up. Oh, and NOT installing Toast 8.
  12. Serious problem here: I downloaded and installed the upgrade to Toast 8 last week. Did a couple of DVd burns (from VIDEO_TS); after a successful burn, the following message appeared when I attempted to mount the discs: Disk Insertion The disc you inserted was not readable by this computer. Burned discs appear to play in set-top DVD players in living room. Bigger problem is now I get the same message if I try to insert ANY commercially pressed DVD-V (Office episodes, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE). I get the same message if I try to insert a DVD into my internal drive or my LaCie external burner. I deleted Toast 8 and 7, plus any related files I could find, from my hard drive but the insertion errors continue. I use a Mac G4 mirror-door, OS 10.4.8. At this point I wonder if a system reinstall would help...just want to get back to Toast 7 and happy sailing again. Any Mac people out there who can tell me what to do to get my DVD drives working again? I am a many-year Toast user and have never seen anything like this. Thanks. Patrick D