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  2. Hello, I am still using Creator 2012. I installed the program on a new computer, but the 2012 content disk would not work. Don't see any software download on the site. Is there any place I can get a 2012 Content download? The program runs fine on the new computer, since I have a valid sn number. Thanks NWD
  3. Hello Over he years, I have made a number of family dvd movies with Roxio Creator software. I am now using Creator 2012. I would like to make a complimation DVD comprised of video from DVDs through the years. In explorer I can see the VOB files. Is there a program or a method in Creator 2012 to grab parts of the DVD and compile them with Videowave? Thanks
  4. Hello, My previous videowave crashes topic is locked and I am unable to add to it. To make a long story short, since I purchased the program in November, I have been unable to add mov files to a videowave production. I have spent alot of time trying all the suggestions that Roxio suggested to no avail. I did receive the following message from them: I understand you are still having an issue importing .MOV files into your videowave project. My assumption is that the source of those .MOV files and Roxio do not play well together. I had the same issue with the .MOV file you sent in but do not have a problem with other .MOV files. This is an issue I have seen with Sony HandyCam file formats but does not mean it will not happen with other software. One thing we can do to test this is to use a free third party converter to re-convert these files to .MOV. So while I did not have a problem with mov files with previous versions of Roxio Creator 2011 will not add them. I have received a refund for the program. I asked and they said there is no update planned to correct this issue. Very disappointing but at least I found out the proble is with Creator 2011 and not with my files which load with no problem with Creator 9.
  5. NealW

    000D Install Problems

    Hello, thanks for your response. I checked the event log for windows and saw that roxio cineplayer was causing a 016 error. I checked further and found cineplayer files still on the harddrive. Did another clean and was able to load Creator 2011. I am now back to same problem again of not being able to load a mov file in videowave. Back to square one, but with EMC9 on the laptop I can get all my projects done and fool around on this desktop trying to get Creator 2011 to work.
  6. Hello, I am still trying to intermittently get Creator 2011 to run. Reference my previous discussions on program crashes. To make a long story short, i have trying to get videowave in the edit video mode to load mov files. I have had many discussions with Roxio with no luck. Fortunately I am stil using EMC 9 which does not have a problem with mov files. I loaded 2011 on my laptop and took it off the desktop, so I could finish some projects on the desktop using EMC9. I had no success in geting mov files to work on the laptop either and after trying to load them several times, it no longer would load mpeg2 video files. Every time I would try the program would freeze. There was no problem loading avi files or jpeg. Roxio had me load every alternate codec in the book but no luck. I finished up my projects on the desktop and took off EMC9 using Revouninstaller. I made sure all temp files were deleted all the registry entries and the Sonic and Roxio folders. Now when I try to install Creator 2011 on the desktop I get a 000D error and the program stops loading. Any one have an idea what this is. Thanks, Desktop HP Pavilion a1630n AMD Athalon 4600 Dual core 2.41Mhz 4gb mem Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT display card 250gb harddrive (defragged) Windows XP media center version 2002, SP3 PS, I loaded EMC9 on the laptop ( Compaq CQ60-214DX, 160gbhd, Mobile Intel4 graphics media accelerator, INtel T3400 2.16 dual processor, 2gb mem, Vista sp2,) and it works great reads mov, mpeg and avi with no problem.
  7. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    Hello, After trying since November to get Creator 2011 to work with MOV files, I give up. After my last correspondence with Roxio, the program worked for about a week and then wold no longer recognize mov files as per my previous e-mails. This past month, I tried numerous times to reload 2011 with the same result. I removed it from my system and have returned to using Easy Meida Creator 9 which is working fine, reading mov files and any other files I throw at it. I don't know what cahnged in the 2011 version, but i am sorry I purchased it and wasted so much time. Per their instructions I scrubbed every last bit of older Roxio and Sonic files, folders and registry entries. Although 9 is not as cool looking as 2011 it allows me to get some important work done.
  8. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    Hello, Roxio support finally answered my query with the same information as above. They had me uninstall 2011 from control panel and then I ran a batch file they sent. The batch file fires up a cleansystem program. Well, that worked. I reloaded Creator 2011 and VideoWave works fine, it also now opens my dmsm files from 9 and 7.5. The other parts of the program work so far as well. I am glad to see they have developed a cleaner program to remove all traces of 2011 before installing it again. Thanks for your help, NealW
  9. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    Hello, Videowave does not work with any file I try to use. I contacted support about 2 weeks ago, there has been some sporadic contact, but the ideas they have don't work either. Guess I'll try one more time for a complete uninstall and install. Thanks for the help.
  10. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    Hello, I checked and updated all the applicable programs and hardware to the current revs. I then tried the repair option of install. Still no luck. Again in Videowave, the program launches with no crashes. On the right hand side the video icons appear as hourglasses with the name of the file underneath the icon. When I either try to drag and drop the file into the editor or select add, open the program stops working and task manager indicates the program is "No longer responding". I suppose I can do a complete uninstall again and try "again". I believe I have seen two slightly different complete uninstall methods. Could you point me to the method I should use? Thanks NealW HP 6130 AMD 2.4GHZ Core Duo Nvidia 7300GT 2GB RAM 250GB hard drive RealTek Audio Windows XP SP3 Windows Media Player 11 Direct X9 as per Roxio update instructions All Windows updates installed Quick time as above.
  11. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    Since the last contact I have discovered the following: Videowave does not work, but become unresponsive when adding any videos. I tried Edit Video automatically which uses cinemagic and was able to load videos. I was also able to burn a dvd using MYDVD. I noticed that with both Edit Automatically and MYDVD when I select to open a file all the icons for the files, if they are mov or avi or mpg show what the is in the video file ie the first frame. Videowave does not do that. The icons show the name of the video file but do not show what is in the file. Selecting then to add a file results in the program crashing. I have had ROXIO CDCreator 5, 6, 7.5 and 9 and now 2011. I really need video wave to work. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    I am running Quicktime version 7.6.8
  13. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    Hello again, I followed the process to completely remove Creator 2011 from my system using the "Help with Reinstalling Creator 2011 Missing apps, Things not launching, Install rollbacks, etc." I then reinstalled Creator 2011. I have the same issue. I am able to add AVI or MPG files to my project in Video Wave. When I try to add a MOV file, the hour glass appears and after a period of time, I go into task manager and it simply says, Creator 2011 - Not responding. I have to close the application and start again. I did see a notice that Quick time needs to be a recent copy. I am running 7.6.2. which I believe is the latest. I had to do a project using MOV files and fortunately my old Pentium 3 still has Creator 7.5 on it. I had no problem with the same MOV files in building the project in Video Wave and then burning a DVD movie. Although I don't have it installed any longer Creator 9 worked with MOV files in Video Wave. Any other suggestion?
  14. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    Hello, I tried that, but that did not work. So so far I have done a complete uninstall per the recommended removal process, done a chkdsk and registry clean. The only problem so far is that I have a SONIC DVD Plus installed but have never used. I am unable to uninstall it. It gives an error message that I have researched and tried the fixes but still no luck. I will be doing a Creator 2011 install later today to see if the problem is gone. Thank you
  15. NealW

    Video Wave Crashes

    Forgot to add that i am running XP SP3.