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  1. richardteam

    Emc 8: Not As Good As 7?

    How can I get the delux version? Does it cost another 100 dollars? This is very inconvenient. EMC7 (or actually Videowave 7) cost me $80. It is so much better. Frankly, I am angry and disapointed. Please tell me there is a way to get my money back...? I bought it in a store, and I think I'd prefer to use another software. If there is a way to get the quality of EMC7 with EMC8 (because EMC7 is the best software I have ever seen), please tell me how. Thanks. Last question: Does quality get distorted if I edit a widescreen video in 4:3 aspect ration, render it in 4:3, and then convert it back to 16:9? MyDVD 8 had better be good, for what I paid for all of this entire mumble of Hard-Disk space waisting and uneffective CD.
  2. richardteam

    Emc 8: Not As Good As 7?

    I'm sorry for annoying everyone on an issue that you all have probably heard over and over again by amateurs to EMC8, but I think I missed this in the guides, and in the support section of this website. In EMC7, I used to be able to do things such as adjust speed to a hundreth of a percent, adjust green/blue/red coloring (with videos, not just photos), and do everything advanced. The movies looked professional, except they couldn't be widescreen, so I got EMC8. And what happened is that now I can't edit anything the way I used to. Is there a way to do this in EMC8? Also, EMC7 was far more organized. Here, everything is so complicated. Again, I'm sorry for being an amateur, but can anybody please help me? I'll generally list all of the things I can't figure out below: -Coloring (Red, Blue, Green) -Contrast and Brightness -Speed (to the hundreth of a percent, not just tenth) -Color Percent (Adding more color, or reducing it) All of these things were under "Edit --> Adjust" in the right-click menu. They must be somewhere now... right? Oh, and it would be great if there was a way to get the drag-and-drop system of files and effects and stuff from a big window like it was in EMC7. Is that possible? Besides that, how do you Edit effects? None of these options are available. Please note that I didn't install the Contents CD, but the program never insisted on it.... Other than those issues, the program is better feature-wise. -Thanks a million. Richard
  3. richardteam

    Samsung Blu-ray Burners Coming April 2006

    When you said 50 GB on a dual-layer disk, did you mean a standard DL DVD, or a new specialized type of disk? Still, 50 GB seems like an impossible amount. That's more than standard hard drives
  4. richardteam

    This Site

    Just a newbie question: Who decides on which posts are rejected or not? As far as I noticed, all the "Digital Gurus" have a prerogative for that.
  5. Is there a way to get the overlay to work with you as you want it? Like with pan and zoom, there is a way to get the image where you want it, and then using a timeline, you can adjust points of motion, and keep doing that until it's right like you want it. If that was the case with overlay, that would be great. All I can think of now is a green-screen overlay using pan and zoom editing, and then being placed into the picture... but that is a long and difficult process I do not want to undergo... any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. richardteam

    Creating An Intro

    Maybe your DVD player starts playing directly from the DVD menu? Some DVD players do that... my old one used to. In the encoding process, it should say that it's encoding 1 title for menu, 1 title for each title on the menu, and 1 title for the intro. If counted up well, then it is on the burned DVD. Try pressing the "intro", or something of such, on your DVD controls.
  7. richardteam

    Output To Tv/vcr

    Watch, this will be the most newbie question of the month: What's the Media Selector?, and what funtion does it do? I really don't know this. LOL. Can someone please explain? Thanks.
  8. richardteam

    Super-duper Effects

    That's kinda what I thought was the answer... but I was just wondering if there is a way to sync. the two videos so that the hand doesn't move faster than the sword, and then the cool movie becomes a comedy, if you know what I'm saying. Or is it just a long matter of time? Also, are there any effects, transitions, etc. that are provided with the suit that can help? Any info is useful, tnx.
  9. richardteam

    Compressing A Dvd

    Alright... so .avi is the way to go for best quality? And is there another encoding that makes it even better...? Like HD video or something (I don't know much about it).
  10. richardteam

    Emc7, 7.5, And Videowave Pro

    Yeah sorry about the confusion... that's basically why I asked. I just refered to everything as "EMC7".
  11. richardteam

    Sound Issue

    Alright. I posted up the comp. specs. Nope, the "fade-in" thing isn't it. It's just a part of a second... maybe saying that it's a second is too much. Doesn't everybody get that? When the video clips change and there is some background noise or sound (as it usually is to an extent when taping with Mini DV Cameras), the sound is just dead for about 1/3 or 1/2 a second between the clips. It takes about 1/4 a second for the sound to "start-up" and "end". This happens with every single sound file, even in the native audio track.
  12. richardteam

    Output To Tv/vcr

    I've never done this, so this might be useless information, but here goes: In videowave, there should be something like "output ot tv/vcr" in the output production section. From there, I do believe that it gives you the option of rendering to a somewhat useless file, where you can select the quality. From there, I'm guessing, you need to use a program that came with your specialized video card to transfer the file out into the VCR. What you can also do, and this seems easier to me, is you can manually: burn a DVD, plug in your DVD player into your VCR's input, play back the DVD, and press the record button on your VCR... kind of "dubbing" the movie onto tape. From there, you can just make copies of the tape. Hope I helped. Have fun.
  13. Is there a way to compress a DVD so that the quality is Hollywood style? Because real DVD's have very high quality footage which does not look at all pixalized. Is there any technology that can provide that these days? Is DL DVD the way to go in EMC8? How to? Tnx, for this post, and all others, ahead of time!
  14. What's the difference between Easy Media Creator 7, Easy Media Creator 7.5, and VideoWave Professional 7? Is there any? Seems like there isn't, but I just wanna make sure.
  15. When I add a sound clip or any kind - this even counts for Native Audio - the first (approximately) half second is cut off, and does not sound. Then it's normal and all, but before that, it just cuts off. This is annoying if I add clips that begin instantly, or when clips switch from one to another without a transition. It sounds dull when you have a nice video, and then all of a sudden a half second with no sound. It breaks the reality, and the comfort of the video. Also, if the songs begin a nano-second late, sometimes, their intro isn't good. Any suggestions?