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    spin doctor with m-audio fire wire

    Thank you all for your responses. Yes, I am using Sound Studio for capturing the audio and CDSC for breaking the tracks. It works although there is an extra step. I hope that Roxio either updates its product or updates its compatablitiy. I tried to avoid this very incompatibility but failed through no fault of my own. Again, thank you all for your responses.
  2. greetings, read with interest the tread on the m-audio solo. I have the m-audio audiophile and my control panel does not show the same option on setting the hardware. All my other audio applications have no problem recognizing firewire device. I have up-to-date drivers, operating system, and etc. I am running an older g4 with os x 10.4.8. I am finding Roxio to be unresponsive. Thank you for any thoughts you may have.