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    How to set the length of the "motion"

    That's what I was afraid of. Oh well. I've aligned the overlay and the music so that they end at the same time, and it's still pretty cool. Now I can stop wasting time digging around in the bowels of EMC trying to figure out a way to align BOTH ends of the spin (beginning as well as end). Thanks for your reply!
  2. I've discovered that if you apply a video effect to a slide in a slideshow, you can sometimes edit the effect (for example, make it blur less, jiggle more, etc.). But what if I'm not using a video effect, but just one of the standard "motion" options to bring an overlay into place -- can I edit the motion so that it is more to my liking? In particular, I have a slide that I want to "spin" into place. The soundtrack song I'm using has a great spin moment, but the spin moment starts too early in the music. If I start the slide spinning in at that point in the music, the slide snaps into place before the music snaps. I could solve this if I could make the spin last longer. Then I could start the slide spinning when the music starts, and get them both to snap into place at the same time. Does anyone know if it is possible to customize the "motion" options like this?
  3. I've been working on a slideshow in Videowave. As of today, Videowave won't open it. I've noticed that when you make a video project, Videowave creates two different files: one with an icon that looks like a movie camera, and another one with the same name but a strange logo. The second one seems to have been corrupted somehow. The file is there, but the icon is the generic "I have no idea what this is" icon. I don't know that this is the problem, but it looks very suspicious. Anybody ever had this problem, and know what I can do to get my (nearly finished) slideshow open?
  4. Cookies

    Stacking Overlays

    Is there a way to tell Videowave which of the several overlays on a particular slide I want to be on top? Can I do this after the slide is made, or do I have to take it into account when I'm first making the slide?
  5. Cookies

    Reducing the size of a photo on the screen

    Sorry about quoting myself -- hit the wrong computer button by accident. Thanks for the suggestiong about using ZOOM. I'm still having trouble making it work. First, even though I move the photo around in the screen as much as I want, I can't figure out how to "set" the position I've chosen as the starting position (or ending position) of the zoom. So once I press "play," the program takes over with a (rather wacky) set of its own ideas, usually preserving the original direction it wanted to zoom in the first place -- I want it to go towards the left, not towards the right -- and doing wacky things with the size to compensate. Do you know how to tell the computer where I want it to start and end the zoom? And secondly (less important, but would be handy to know) is there some way I can choose "Slow Zoom" as the END path?
  6. Cookies

    Reducing the size of a photo on the screen

    I found the answer to the first part!!! I inserted a color panel, and then inserted the photograph as an overlay on the internal track of that panel. You can size overlays. So I just sized down the photo and voilá! Small photo on a big screen. Now, does anybody know how to make a smooth transition from one panel (with the photo filling the screen) to the second panel (with the small photo off to one side)?
  7. I'm trying to make a slide show which simulates an e-card. I'd like for the very last panel of the slide show to be a smaller version (about half the size) of one of the photos in the slide show. In the ideal case, I'd like for the show not to jump directly to that small size but rather smoothly reduce the size of the photo over a couple seconds. Pan / Zoom doesn't do it, because I have to zoom in on part of the photo (I want the whole photo) and then Videowave fills the whole screen with the result (I want it to fill at most half the screen). I don't want the PEOPLE in the photo to get any smaller or bigger; I want the whole PHOTO to get smaller, or barring that, just be small. Anybody know how to do that?
  8. Cookies

    Sharing videos

    Welllllllllllllllll, I opened up a Google account, uploaded my video, and..... waited. Boy, it was taking a long time to upload (a two-minute video???). So I decided to leave the computer alone and go about my day, instead of wasting time watching paint dry. I just got back -- three hours later. The thing is still "downloading," if you believe the message on the screen. So much for Google. Anybody else had this problem? I'll get back to you if I find anything good on a for-pay basis. But first I hope somebody can help me, for example, ml. You say there are lots of sites out there who will host a video for payment, but if I Google "upload video" or anything similar, all I get is the free sites. Makes sense; as far as I know Google lists sites in order of traffic flow, and most people want the free ones. But can anybody give me someplace to start if I'm looking for a video hosting site that isn't free?
  9. Cookies

    Corded mouse vs digital mouse vs tablet

    I don't know anything about the quality of mice. Mine is actually the HP mouse that came with the computer. Dragging and dropping folders and clicking on things isn't the problem, it does fine with that. But I'm trying to make a slide show, and I'm trying to make one of the people jump up and down. I'm using the pan&zoom editor in Videowave, in which the little screen is pretty small relative to the size the photo will be when it is finally shown on a television set. Soooo, if I choose a "down" frame that is even the slightest fraction of a mm to the left of the previous one, the woman looks like she's drunk, landing all over the place when she hits the ground. And when I then try to move the frame just that tiny smidgen of a mm in the right direction, well, I either overshoot my mark, or end up moving the frame vertically as well as horizontally, ruining the perfect up-down alignment that I so painstakingly managed to get after five minutes of trying... Verry frustrating. Like I said, I'm not sure it's the mouse's fault. It's just that I'm not capable of moving the thing a fraction of a mm one direction or another. But I think I'll be able to do it with a stylus, or as Steve suggested, a ball. Or at least I hope so, before I'm ready to blow my brains out....
  10. Cookies

    Corded mouse vs digital mouse vs tablet

    That's an option I never would have thought about. Thanks!
  11. Cookies

    Sharing videos

    I've got exactly the same problem, so I'm really glad for the tip. However, I'm trying to make a slideshow and send it as a birthday card, sort of like an e-card. So far what I've seen from the e-card making programs seem too stifled, so I'd rather use my own slideshow. That means that when the recipient view it, I'd like for the video to be off in a tiny window deep in a forrest of ads. I realize that it's the ads that make the program free. In light of this I've decided that I'm actually willing to PAY somebody to host my video, just so that somebody else can click on a link and have the video run. Does anybody know of a site where I can upload a video and have it viewed with minimal or (even better) no ads, or at least, ads that only appear after the video is finished?
  12. I am just starting out with making slideshows, and I've already run into a wall with respect to the accuracy of my mouse (cordless). If I nudge in one direction, whatever I drag invariably goes too far, and if I really concentrate on squeezing the mouse so that the objet just barely moves, it often moves off in the wrong direction instead. I'm sure that's my own fault -- lack of feather-light control of my hand movements -- but still, I can't upgrade my hand. So maybe I can improve the situation by upgrading my hardware? I've heard that corded mice are more accurate than cordless mice. Is that the real deal? And if so, how can I connect one to my computer? I already have an old corded mouse left over from a previous computer, but plugging it into the back of my current computer wasn't enough to make it active. And, will a corded mouse give me enough accuracy to edit slideshows and videos? I'm not an artist, I can't draw for the life of me, so I don't need a tablet for working in fancy drawing programs. It will be only to get precise mouse movements. Is a graphics tablet overkill? or, precisely the way to go? Thanks!
  13. Cookies

    Slideshow matching the music?

    A friend told me about a program which will analyze the music in the audio track, find the beat, and then automatically set the time of the slides to match the beat of the music. EMC is a pretty pricey program which seems to do most everything else; will EMC do this as well?
  14. Cookies

    Bouncing photo?

    I'm trying to make a very lively slideshow in which I'd like for some of the photos, in turn, to jump up and down. I figure I'll tackle this job by going to the motion picture editor and telling each photo where I want it to start and end, and start and end, etc. But (my recurring question) does anybody know an easier way to do this?
  15. Cookies

    overlapping music tracks

    Awesome post and awesome assistance, you guys!! Thanks!!!! It solved precisely a problem that I was about to try to tackle. Here's how I used it: I've found that you can run (at least) four audio tracks at a time. You can have one in music, one in special effects, one in narration, and one in the internal track of a slide. This means that you can collect bits and pieces of sound that you want to play at the same time (for example, a conversation taking place at a train station) without having to have any of the people in the same place, much less at the train station, when you record their bits. Just run around with a recorder (or in my case, a mobile phone) to the train station, and then visit all your friends, tell them the bit you want them to say (in my case, Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!), and then go home and load all the bits and pieces into the different tracks. And voilá!!! A crowd of the birthday girl's friends all screaming Happy Birthday to her, together, as if they were all standing in a big group on the steps of the train station. Great stuff, Merv!