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    Easy DVD Copy 2 Premier

    Good Morning All... I am also working with Easy DVD Copy 2 Premier, and have a question I hope is simple: I wish to create a video compilation from multiple DVD movies, then transferring the completed compilation to mpeg4 format for my ipod video. Trouble is, I want the compilation to consist of ONE, seamless 2-hour long chapter. When you use Roxio's "Video Compilation" feature, it divides all the various clips into individual chapters of their own. Is there any way around this so all of my clips can be seamlessly "linked" into one big chapter? Thanks in advance for all your help.
  2. The Rock Elitist

    Dragon Initialization Failed?

    Pardon me if this topic has been discussed before, but when trying to use my Creator Classic feature the message I receive is "Dragon Initialization Failed." I've already tried re-installing my (store-bought) Roxio program but to no avail. Roxio support only gives instructions for Easy Media 5 - AARRGH! How do I correct this problem? Thanks in advance for your assistance.