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    Tt12 On Yosemite?

    On my 2009 Mac Pro, if it went to sleep while writing a disc, it would end up a coaster. I would have to remember to use Caffeine (free app) to make sure the Mac didn't go to sleep while writing to BD-R discs. For some odd reason, yesterday I was writing a dual layer (50GB) BD disc and I went for a walk. When I came back, my Mac was asleep and I figured I was out one $3 disc. When I woke it up Toast 12 continued writing to the disc and after about 40 minutes it was done and worked fine. I now have a 2013 Mac Pro which boots from an SSD and am using a new USB 3.0 Blu-ray burner and Toast 12.1. I have no idea which of these might be the reason my disc burned successfully, but I am very pleased.
  2. MacGoddess

    Converting Video Files To Dvd No Good

    I have a new Mac Pro and decided to convert some video to check how fast it could do it. I used Toast 12.1, running Yosemite 10.10.2. I first converted about 9GB MKV to DVD. I was pleased at the speed (an hour and 15 minutes) but the DVD didn't play sound at all. It shows that there is supposed to be 5.1 surround sound, both in Toast and when I put the DVD into 2 different players, the sound shows under Audio, but sound will not play with software on my Mac or on a Blu-ray or DVD player I used. Today, I converted an mp4 video that has stereo sound to DVD using Toast again. The result was that I got sound to play, but the video was jerky. Right now, this type of conversion is not a big deal to me. I only did it to test my new Mac Pro's speed. However, I think it would be nice if Toast could do a better job at converting video if they have the features included.
  3. This is a really annoying problem. I might be burning a BD-R, Dual Layer BD-R, or just a Dual Layer DVD. I get ruined discs because my Mac will go to sleep while Toast is burning. If I think about it, I will use an app called Caffeine to keep my Mac from going to sleep. But I don't get why it would go to sleep when it is doing something like burning a disc! Shouldn't Toast have some protection there?
  4. MacGoddess

    Spin Doctor?

    I just tried digitizing an audio cassette tape using Spin Doctor with Toast 11 in Mountain Lion. It seemed to be working fine. I selected all the tracks and typed in the information, then sent them to Toast. Once in Toast, I decided to play a sample of each track and that is when I discovered every track is the same track as track #1. I then exported them to iTunes as MP3s and again they all came in with the different names but are all track #1. When I sample the whole recorded file in Spin Doctor, I hear each track as they should be, but I cannot send the different tracks to iTunes or Toast or even a folder because they all get exported as track #1. This is disgusting.
  5. MacGoddess

    Converting Mkv To Bluray Is Taking Forever

    I recently installed a BluRay burner in my Mac Pro. I was told at the time that if I wanted to watch a BluRay movie (commercial) I would have to first rip the disc to my hard drive using MakeMKV then use something like VLC to view it. I went ahead and gave that a try. I was able to rip the BD movie in a reasonable length of time. Just for kicks, I thought I would try re-converting that MKV video to a BluRay disk image and burn it on a BD disc to see how it would work out. I don't need to do this, but apparently, Toast 11 with the BD Plug-in will let me do it. I started converting the MKV to a BD disc image and I would say it has been converting for about 7 or 8 hours and it is at 30% done. I am now thinking of canceling this conversion even though I would still like to see how it would turn out. I don't get why it takes a half hour or so to rip the video from the original disc, as very high quality video, but now to get it back to BluRay format it is taking hours. Obviously, this is not something I would ever do again if it takes that long. Is there anyway to speed this up?
  6. MacGoddess

    Toast 11 And Os X 10.7 Lion

    I have been using PyTiVoX to send videos to my TiVo for a long time. It still works great with Lion. You can download it here: http://code.google.com/p/pytivox/
  7. MacGoddess

    Trying To Make A Copy Of A Bootable Disk Image

    Thanks for that information. I have used Toast for years and in the past there was never any problem making bootable copies of discs, but apparently there is now. Very odd. I guess I will just have to remember to use Disk Utility.
  8. MacGoddess

    Trying To Make A Copy Of A Bootable Disk Image

    Is anyone else able to burn bootable discs with Toast 11?
  9. It used to be Toast could easily make a copy of a bootable CD or DVD, but I recently burned 2 different disk images in Toast 11 using the Copy/Image and neither burned DVD would boot. When I use Startup Disk in System Preferences, the DVDs show up but there is a message that says something like "The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk." I was able to use Disk Utility to burn both disk images and then boot from each one without any problem. I am running Snow Leopard, 10.6.7 on a MacPro. I have Toast 11.0.2. I remember years ago when I first started using Toast, you had to do something special to get a bootable disc to burn properly but then that went away and all I had to do was just make a copy. Is there something new I need to do now?
  10. MacGoddess

    How To Prevent Itunes From Playing Converted Video

    good idea. thanks.
  11. MacGoddess

    How To Make A Default Setting

    There has been an update and it seems to be working right now.
  12. MacGoddess

    How To Make A Default Setting

    In the previous versions of Toast, if I setup a DATA disc as Mac & PC it would stay that way until I changed it. The new Toast defaults at Mac Only and it caused me to make a coaster on a dual layer DVD because I needed Mac & PC. Is there a way to set what I want as a default?
  13. MacGoddess

    No Dolby 5.1?

    I was thinking ElGato Turbo was something you used with EyeTV but it sounds like anyone can use it along with Toast?
  14. MacGoddess

    No Dolby 5.1?

    I was hoping I could find a way with Toast 11 to convert DVD to video which will have Dolby 5.1 audio as well as good quality video. I know that Toast can keep the Dolby 5.1 sound if you are making a DVD, but shouldn't I be able to use Toast to convert a DVD to something I can play on the TiVo or other devices and still keep the high audio and video quality? If I could get 720x480 video with Dolby 5.1 sound into an AppleTV or MKV format, I could send it to my TiVo. It would be converted to MPEG2. I have sent many different video formats to my TiVo using PyTiVoX. I will give Streamclip a try. Just downloaded it but had to also get the MPEG2 playback component for QuickTime.
  15. MacGoddess

    Toast 10.0.8 Is Not As Reliable As It Used To Be

    Thought I would revisit this topic because I am using Toast 11 now. Guess what! When I save a dual layer DVD to a single layer disk image, it still tells me it is the dual layer size when I get Info on it. I can mount the disk image and burn the VIDEO_TS folder and it works that way, but I was hoping this bug would go away in the new version. No such luck.