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  1. I appreciate the reply. My fault that your reply didn't give me the info I was looking for since my original question left out a lot of information the would change what information I was actually requesting so I have edited my question to better explain what I was requesting. (I hope.)
  2. I know Roxio's support of Photoshow is ending and I have downloaded all my slieshows, Anyone know if you will still be able to add your own music to slide shows created with the Photoshow App or will it onltyallow the "stock" music to be used? I still have some projects that are incomplete and scanning a drawful of photos I need to create slide shows from and burn to disc. Alternative would be is there another program that could do the same thing? The alternative seems the better since using photoshow would depend om having Flash Player on the computer.The music just makes it easier to watch a slide show.
  3. Problem solved. As I was trying to remember something I need to do. I stumbled upon my profile of sorts and discovered that I had asked several questions back 2007. I checked my previous questions and they were about burning Photoshows in Creator 10. Since I still have creator 10 I installed it and I now have Photoshows back.So all's well that ends well or something like that. Thanks to all who scratched their heads and tried to think of a solution for me.
  4. I have a number of Photoshows on the server and liked being able to add my own music and get it to match the end of the slide show.The only reason I'm not using it now is my HD "crashed and burned" recently and to make it worse I managed to erase my backup files of my drive while trying to reload them. I spent the last few months scanning o;d photos with plans on putting them in order and in Photoshows so I hope it''ll be staying around. I've been a "subscriber" for more than a few years as well (I do know it's been over 10 yrs.) Who knows. Maybe if there's enough interest , Roxio will keep it around. I wont hold my breath though. I do a lousy imitation of Papa Smurf.
  5. Thanks for the reply, Meridian. I have a copy of Photoshop somewhere but I never really got into using it.so I know I didn't get it from there. I think it Photoshop) came with some other product. I know I didn't buy it. May still have it but with my luck it was a win 95 program. Will look and check it out. Never can tell especially since I have a bad case of CRS these days. (Cant Remember Stuff. Have to be politically correct. Don't want to get in trouble.)
  6. I've used Photoshow for many years,Wwhen I switched from WIn 7 to 10 it migrated over and worked fine. Recently my hard drive crashed. When setting up my new hard drive and loading my backup files my backup which I had to redo because of various problems which I can attribute to Operator Head Space Malfunction. Then I found those backups had disappeared due to the previously mentioned malfunction. Since I have Parkinson's, occasionally I hit keys I shouldn't. I'd be in bad shape if it wasn't for spellcheck. I no Longer have Photoshow. Can someone tell me which version of CD Creator contained the program. I still have an old copy hanging around somewhere I Hope. If not how can I get a copy again? I tried a trial download, logged in, but couldn't access my photoshows which I previously up loaded.
  7. Rizzo

    Error 7F052012 - Slide Show Burning Failure

    Ok, I give up. Must be Gremlins. Thought I'd try once more and it burned the disc. I may restore a previous backup of my hard drive tonight and maybe that will solve the problem permanently.
  8. Rizzo

    Error 7F052012 - Slide Show Burning Failure

    Only using photos and the last slide show I tried to burn has less than 200. Have burned some in the past with close to 400 photos but lately can't burn any. Only message is "...failed to burn error 7F052012." Nothing as to what the error is and like you I have absolutely no idea and can't find out. Even tried rebooting the computer to be sure all available memory possible is freed up before attempting to burn a DVD.
  9. I keep getting a Error 7F052102 when trying to burn slide shows to disk using Creator 2010 Pro PhotoShow Express. Have ruined a number of disks lately as a result. It occurred ocassionally in the past but now is pretty constant. Have tried using different drive and use "slowest" method. Anyone know what the error 7F052102 and how to avoid it? Have insured Sp2 is installed and ran an update from the program.
  10. Rizzo

    Adding Music

    I am using Creator 2010 Pro and have the subscription for the extra options. I made several slide shows and was able to add different music to different areas in a slide show. I am now trying to do more slide shows and do the same with the music but where I once was able to change the music in the middle of the slide show I no longer do it. The original slid shows I made showed where the music changed but when I open them now it doesn't show that although the music still changes where I set it. Is there a setting that has been reset or am I doing something wrong now? Thanks in advance Have no idea what happened but restarted Creator 2010 and problem has been solved. Must be magic.
  11. Thanks for the reply, Steve. When I upgraded to Premium, I downloaded and installed the Photoshow V6 from the website before I ran into the problem. I just double checked and it is version 6.0.0 build 830. The version that I had prior to the download was also 6.0.0 build 830. I had checked for updates because I was having problems burning to disc which the update solved. But as I said the update was 6.0.0 build 830. That was before I upgraded to premium and downloaded and installed V6. I just downloaded and reinstalled the V6 "just in case". I finished that project so I'll have to wait to see next time I do a large project. That last one did have right at 400 pics.
  12. I'm making a slide show with Photo Show in Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. Arranging and deleting slides takes 15 seconds for each slide I arrange or delete (Actually timed it)and I get the following message: "A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly. If it continues to run your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?" If I answer YES it takes another 15 seconds before I can try to make another change after which the message appears again. Answering NO makes no difference. I have about 30 slides to remove from the show and that means 15 minutes or longer to accomplish at the rate I can do delete them.
  13. Thanks for the help. Did a custom install with Easy CD Creator 7 and ran into problems (sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't). Uninstalled 7 and installed easy creator 6 (full install) and Drag to disc appears to be working perfectly. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks for the info. I have both 6 and 7 so will load one of those and give it a try.
  15. SO you can keep adding files to the disk but can't place them in folders to keep them organized. I was hoping there was a way to do that. Perhaps the answer is to load Easy Creator 6 and use Drag to Disk or will that conflict with Creator 2010. I had Creator 2009 and was able to use drag to dis from Easy CD Creator 6 but Creator 2009 did not have burn to disk.