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    Quick Find

    I would like to know if any of the versions of NXT 3 have the Quick Find function in the Burn MP3 CDs/Burn Audio CDs section? I have not upgraded from Roxio Creator Pro 2012 because that version has it. If it's not available anymore is there something in NXT 3 that is similar? It's so nice having all my files right there to retrieve.
  2. Ralpho

    Easiest Way To Add Mp3S To New Mp3 Cd

    To tbrewst: Yeah....I would like to get that "Quick Find" column back so it would be easier to drag songs much faster. Thanks for your help.
  3. Ralpho

    Easiest Way To Add Mp3S To New Mp3 Cd

    To cdanteek: The top screen shot, Burn MP3 CDs. I don't have the 'quick find' column that you have there. I had that in the 2010 version. Is there a way to get that in the NXT 2 2014 version? Thanks for your help.
  4. I just upgraded from Creator Pro 2010 to NXT 2 basic. One of the things I really liked about Creator Pro was that when I wanted to create an mp3 cd it automatically popped up my song library (mp3 files in alphabetical order) in a window so it was easy to double click and add the song to my new playlist. I can't find that in this new NXT 2 version. I see Media Manager and see artist folders there but that just takes too long to dig down into each subfolder to select a file and do that 120 times to get all the files I want to burn. Does the feature I want exist in the new version or am I out of luck? Thanks for any help in advance. Ralph
  5. Ralpho

    Easy Audio Capture problem

    Thanks for your help so far....I'm sorry I didn't let you know what I was recording: I tried to record a song from a dvd I was playing through the dvd drive on my computer and I tried to record some internet audio, too. Neither worked. I just found out something new that when I bring up Easy Audio Capture none of the sound options show any audio coming from them (did this at your request). I then looked at the actual volume bar in ESR and it was set completely off. I tried to move the volume bar and the program immediately crashes. So I think the reason I cannot use it is because the install wasn't complete/good for this particular part of EMC. From your attachmenet I don't even get two drop down boxes (One for capture and the other for input. I just get the capture box). I am going to completely uninstall it and then reinstall it and see if it works. Thanks for the assistance. If you have any other suggestion that would be ok, too, but I believe a complete uninstall and a reinstall might do the trick!
  6. Ralpho

    Easy Audio Capture problem

    Thanks for the reply. My speakers are set up like you have it under "playback": Speakers Creative SB X-Fi Default Device My "recording" is as follows: Digital-In Creative SB X-Fi Default Device I cannot change this to another default device. It used to be so simple through Easy Audio Capture when you'd just set the "device" to "What you hear". That option is no longer allowed. I just don't understand why I can't record audio off the internet because EMC can't open an existing sound card that works fine, is enabled in Windows, I ran all diagnostics on it and all the speakers work it's just frustrating. Anyway, I still have my issue but thanks for the help.
  7. Roxio easy audio capture cannot open my sound device. I get this error: "Roxio easy audio capture could not open sound device! (Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi))" Everything about the sound card works in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit version. It's just that Roxio cannot seem to work with my sound card. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help!
  8. Ralpho


    Hi Jim, Thanks so much for the help! I am burning a dvd-r disc with the firmware update. I found out that when I upgraded my Creator 10 to 10.1 it did not copy Creator Classic. I wound up having to uninstall everything, burn the disc, and then upgrade to 10.1, which now shows Creator Classic as an option. Thanks again for you help and my problem is solved. Ralph
  9. Ralpho


    Hello, I have a question. I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my blu-ray player and have downloaded the firmware with a .bin extension. I need to make this file an iso9660 file so the player can read it. How do I do that using Roxio Easy Media Creator 10.1? I tried going through options under create a data disc but I can't figure this out. Thanks in advance for any help in this matter! Ralph
  10. Ralpho

    Vista Ultimate install error

    Thanks, malatekid, for the reply! Ralpho
  11. Hey guys.....When upgrading to Vista Ultimate my full, registered version of EMC9 has been changed to a trial version of the program (which displays right after start up saying "your trial version has expired") and won't allow me to use EMC9 at all. I couldn't find a solution to this problem on this forum (or just missed it). Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance. Ralpho