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    Label Maker

    can anyone help... is it possible to add the following list of tracks to a jewel case insert with this software; 1) song title - artist - time (in minutes and seconds) 2) song title - artist - time (in minutes and seconds) 3) song title - artist - time (in minutes and seconds) thanks - gary
  2. garyblot

    Music Disc Creator - Embedded Text

    Have had EMC8 for about a month & I like some of the features of Music disc creator - but can't find how to attach the track text so it displays in the car cd player... Realplayer automatically does it when I burn a complilation disc. Is there something in the burn sequence that you have to do to get Music Disk Creator to attach the track title and artisit? thanks - Gary
  3. garyblot

    Label Creator

    have Label Creator and figured out how to add the track # and the duration of the track and paste it into a label... but, I can't edit (add or modify the text) - is there a trick or is this thing just nonfunctional... thanks - Gary
  4. garyblot

    Burning Cds And Tracks In Specific Order Onto Mp3 Disc(s)

    I made an MP3 disc in EMC8 with JukeBox disc - in Windows it depicts the folders, by title, and the individual files in each folder... I have no control over the sequence of the folders - but the songs are as they are in the albums... I did figue out how to arrange the tracks in Audio CD - files or tracks, whats the difference g
  5. garyblot

    Burning Cds And Tracks In Specific Order Onto Mp3 Disc(s)

    don't know how to resolve the problem... but, realPlayer allows you to select the order the files are recorded and does not refile them alphbetically. so - i disput the claim that this is a Windows issue (too bad this board doesn't have a spellchecker) g
  6. garyblot

    Audio Jukebox Disk

    I'm having a problem with the CD text appearing on my car player. I made a jukebox cd with 10 folders - 148 tracks total and all the track titles are depicted on the display in the car, but the artist & album are blank. These tracks were all dragged & dropped from my hard drive and I saved the files from orginal disks - not downloads that may not have obtained all the track details... did I do something out of sequence or not setup the burn correctly? appriciate any & all help - thanks - G